Let's Take a Moment & Denounce Faith - Your God Cant Cure Coronavirus - None of the Miracles Happened

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I have noticed that during the Coronavirus outbreak that all religious organizations could not stop the Coronavirus from spreading, and the virus was also neutral about whom it infected.

This would suggest that all amounts of prayer, belief, and church are just merely a cognitive dissonance that is followed for egotistical purposes.

There is no god saving anyone, no ones prayers have been answered and it appears science is the only ideology that is able to appeal to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Your god is a lie, religion is a lie, and cognitive dissonance is your reality. I denounce all forms of deity and god on this planet as a divine falsehood.

Your god didnt stop the Coronavirus.


P.S. Fuck You for Having Faith!


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You're a fraud dude and I would persue you with legal action if I could for the crimes against humanity your atrocious organization has bestowed upon the human race.

For fck sake, can't we do anything about these moronic bible spams all over steemit?? It's getting pretty annoying

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Lol if they keep it up I'm going to post pictures of my gf bendingnover in crotchless panties to share the place I worship 🤣

Lol I bet I'd get upvotes too?

Lol because of this @overall-servant downvoted all my posts.

I am not christian, I dont give a fuck about how he treats people but we know he is a hypocrite now, sorry for assuming gender.