Repair kids cycle front wheel with a simple nut-bolt

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Hello friends

Today i have spent my time with my kids whoes bycycle mainly a kind of hoverfly type is under maintenance with front wheel.

Cycle is already running and its make no unusual while it running but my eyes are find that some thing missing at there. Took his cycle and observe that one nut is missed somehow. So, think it would be better to go a bycycle mechanic for repairing, but problem is i don't know where is the mechanic at near by me, as i am new in this area.

Next, i have decide to go a hardware shop and asking about that kind of nut-bolt but never match that kind.

This is exactly the size of nut-bolt which is missing in the below next picture.



And this all of are sign of missing that particular nut and bolt.

So, then we are searching for exact type of that accessory but never found, and now minimise with local type of nut and set up.



But the type of nut like the below photo.


Now this one is running smoothly without having any trouble, in previous photos, the rusty nut-bolt is appearing with huge pressure make the axel clam in slightly down.

So, my kid is happy and playing with it at top roof everyday at after noon till the evening. We make lots of fun to fix it and cost for that only twenty taka.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day ahead of you.


Yay! 🤗
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