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RE: New user activity alert page

in #retention4 months ago

lol took me a sec what you meant by flag 😅

yeah, thing is many if not most won't use that tag, and at the same time many if not most won't go for an original post or intro post at first but just share something random thinking it's more like reddit. Hence we'd need actual readers and guiders to land on their posts letting them know the ins and outs as short as possible and not looking like just bots replying to them which would just chase them away in most cases.


Excuse my lack of tech-nerd-correct terms. 😆

Agree wholehearytedly that many don't use the tag - wither cos they don't know or don't WANT an official welcome brigade! I like this idea of a central spot where we can check in on, and suppprt, nebiews beyond their first post. A little Hive nursery if you will. 😊