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Am I one of the few who never had a myspace account?? Oooops- Is my non-American self showing? 😆

I try to make it a habit most days to search in for #introduceyourself tagged posts - and I comment and vote a few who have got very low rewards. But I'd LOVE to somehow be able to flag those accounts without acutally following them - specifically to give them a head start on their next 3-4-5 posts till they find their feet.

Interesting thought.


Hello @artemislives, if you use peakd then the list function could serve that purpose pretty easy for you. One of the list I have is for those I delegate to with either my active account or somewhat dead delegation account for new users. Once a day I just bring the list up and take a look and see if there is a post that needs a little help. I am a big fan of the list function. It is easy to add them and easy to remove them, and as far as I know people don't know if they are on a list you create or not.

Right now I have 15 list, some are for what mood I am in, like music, photography, writers, others hive tool/knowledge like witness, curators, developers, and some are just general like fun and contest.

None of my list are real extensive, but I am constantly building them as I remember to add people. Communities can be added also but you have to do that manually since there is no Actions button on community pages.

OK - I learned something! Thank you!! Never used, or even looked at, the list function in PeakD - despite using it most every day. Gonna check it out thoroughly and will probably write a post from my @HiveLift account about how the Lists feature can help improve and grow your Hive experience. Is it OK if I ask you a few questions via discord later in the week?


If I am around, I don't visit discord to often, but just let me know in advance and I will try to be there. The times I am active is about 9am to noon Alaska time then again after 8pm for a few hours. Of course you can also just on any of my post even a real old one if you don't want the questions to be seen on a current post.

Here is a short page I did when the I first noticed the List function,

It may help you get started.

The odds of a real time chat are not great given the time difference & that I'm a solo entrepreneurial mom. I hive in tiny, random space-time units. LOL. I can happily msg my Qs under your latest post - great idea. I also don't use discord much at all. Thanks for the thoughts and idea to use lists - I'm sure MANY people really don't know how or why to use lists in PeakD. It's important to share this stuff, over and over and over, in new and interesting ways. :) Have an awesome Monday night - heading towards lunchtime here and I'm in needd of another coffee.

Enjoy your coffee, me I am patiently waiting for home made lemon meringue pie to cool enough to have a piece.

Thank you for this and I see that the list acts as a "favorites" function. Good idea!

Like I mentioned I am a big fan of the list function on PeakD. If I get bored I can find post that may or may not fill my boredom. When you follow to many people then post to fit the mood can get lost. The nice thing about list is you can put the same person on more than one list. So for example you curate, you do social community post, (feather friends, have you been here), so I have you on my fun list, curator list, and social side list.

I've almost gotten to the point I use my list as often as my feed to find content.

Sounds good and I will also start to use the list function my friend.
Yes, I am often in #featheredfriends, as birds are one of my posting favorites.
Listing is a feature that I have ignored for too long, but now I will make some use of it.
Thank you once again for the reminder!

lol took me a sec what you meant by flag 😅

yeah, thing is many if not most won't use that tag, and at the same time many if not most won't go for an original post or intro post at first but just share something random thinking it's more like reddit. Hence we'd need actual readers and guiders to land on their posts letting them know the ins and outs as short as possible and not looking like just bots replying to them which would just chase them away in most cases.

Excuse my lack of tech-nerd-correct terms. 😆

Agree wholehearytedly that many don't use the tag - wither cos they don't know or don't WANT an official welcome brigade! I like this idea of a central spot where we can check in on, and suppprt, nebiews beyond their first post. A little Hive nursery if you will. 😊