Your Commodore (July 1986)

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Cover of the July 1986 issue of Your Commodore

Your Commodore was just one of many Commodore 64 dedicated magazines in the U.K. It also covered other Commodore computers like the Commodore 16, Plus/4 and Commodore 128 but the Commodore 64 was by far the most popular of those. The Amiga was also covered but the emphasis throughout most of the life of Your Commodore seemed to be on Commodore's 8-bit computers. The July 1986 issue of Your Commodore includes:


  • Cheap Copy - Review of a $50 printer from Citizen. The catch for this cheap price? It uses desktop calculator style roll paper and can only fit a maximum of 40 characters per line.

  • Dial-A-File - A type-in program that lets you view files saved via Telcom 64 which was a terminal program provided in a previous issue.

  • Remember the Plus/4 - A detailed look into the internals of the Plus/4, especially how the memory is laid out and using machine code programs.

  • Graphically Speaking - Review of a low cost art package for the Commodore 64 called Vidcom.

Table of Contents from the July 1986 issue of Your Commodore


  • Programming the C-16 - Setting up and using split screens on the Commodore 16.

  • Froggy - Part of a tutorial for creating your own arcade game on the Commodore 64. This month, you get to the point of having a playable game called Froggy (I'm assuming a Frogger clone).

  • Programming the 1541 - Commodore's 1541 disk drive is a smart peripheral. Essentially, it is it's own computer with CPU and RAM so it can be controlled a low level. This article teaches you how to do things like read memory, format, write to memory, execute a routine in memory, etc.

  • Chip Chat - The 6510 and how BASIC interacts with it.


  • Data Statements - A look at new software including Grand Master Chess, Hocus Focus, Conflict in Vietnam, Golf Construction Set, Starquake, V, Tau Ceti, Calkit, B/Graph, Paperclip wit Spellpack, Swift, Red Hawk, Doomdark's revenge, Archon II, Pilgrim, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tubular Bells, and more.

  • Missives - Letters from readers about the decline of the home computer market, software for sale by Your Commodore, and more.

  • Game of the Month - A detailed look at Golf Construction Set from Ariolasoft.

  • Action Replay - Brief reviews (including screenshots) of Bounces (C64), Iwo Jima (C64), Konami's Ping Pong (C64), Skyhawk (C16), Bandits at Zero (C16), Tigers in the Snow (C64), Wing Commander (C64), Off the Hook (C64), Cauldron II (C64), Countdown to Meltdown (C64), Space Pilot (C16), Solo (C16), The Chip Factory (C16), Hocus Focus (C64), and Knights of the Desert (C64).


  • Detailed Directories - A type-in program for the Commodore 64 that lets you load a disk directory without erasing what you have in memory.

  • The Monster Returns - A type-in adventure game for the Plus/4.

  • Assembler 128 - A type-in program that gives you an Editor/Assembler for your Commodore 128.

Back cover of the July 1986 issue of Your Commodore

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