Big Finish Torchwood - 2016 Specials

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Two long specials were released in 2016, featuring a variety of Torchwood actors, let's take a look:

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The Torchwood Archive

Starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori and Indira Varma

The Torchwood Archive is a weird release. It's a special release, so separate from the monthly range, but very dependent on prior knowledge. This would be a horrible audio to listen to as your first Torchwood one, you need some monthly range context. The first half is decent, it pulls together lots of threads from throughout Torchwood's history about The Committee. It's mostly audio recordings and most of them are…fine. There are a couple of really excellent ones though, especially the one with Alex Hopkins. The second half is where it really picks up. We get even more details about the Red Key and there's a lot of fascinating stuff here and some more revelations. It's a lot of fun to hear everyone, and Andy's role being so large is a weird choice but a lot of fun. The new character of Jeremiah is also really great, Torchwood audios are wonderful at side characters, and this is no different.



Starring John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Eve Myles

Outbreak released the month after The Torchwood Archive, and also has some requirements before listening! You could probably get by with just Ghost Mission, but listening as a part of the Committee arc would help too.

Outbreak takes place between seasons 2 and 3 of the show and features Jack, Gwen, Ianto and Rhys as an infection is spreading throughout the city, causing painful rashes and violent outbursts. Outbreak is a solid 3-hour(!) audio with great performances all around and wonderful guest characters. Part 2 was easily the best, focusing on Jack, Ianto and in a surprise appearance...Norton! The actual best character. Part 2 gives us some excellent interactions between all three and we learn more about Jack's past, which is always welcome. The overall plot I found quite good, but not especially interesting, which brings it down a bit, but this is still a great audio, and it's wonderful to hear Jack, Ianto and Gwen together again!


The Torchwood Archive and Outbreak were both very solid audios, and it was great to hear everyone together!