Crypto To Airtime - Comparing Bitrefill And Platforms.

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One of the measures that will drive adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is implementation of everyday use cases.

One of such use cases which has been taken to a worldwide scale is the conversion of Crypto to Airtime or Call card.

Two of many platforms offering such services include Bitrefill and's newly introduced PAY on the App.


I hinted that I will do a review of both platforms yesterday, it's unfortunate that I don't feel very alright today.

However the Stats we should look out for in the review are listed below :

  • Age
  • Coins/Tokens Accepted
  • Number of Countries Present
  • Platform Incentives
  • Transaction Time
  • Social media presence
  • Customer Support
  • ?

Those are a few Stats I will elaborate when I feel better. You can contribute to it or suggest more review options please.


hmmmm i await to see your review