My Top Three of the week in the Project HOPE community.

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Hello dear readers of our beautiful Project HOPE community, I am writing to share my usual weekly roundup of the most prominent posts from our content creators.


It is always a pleasure to greet you, wish you well and invite you to enjoy and support these publications written by different members of our community in order to share information and share their experience in areas such as technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, psychology, economics, blockchain among other.

These are the most outstanding posts of this week.

The lifeblood of your content creation business - Money

First of all, I share with you a publication from @achim03 where he presents us with the creation of content as a business, he also brings us some tips that teach us what things we must do for our business to be successful.

Statera - DeFi 2.0

Secondly, we find a publication about a very interesting DeFi project, presented by our friend @paragism, where he invites us to participate and obtain passive income through our investment.

Chasing DeFi

@tomoyan shares his experience with DeFi, his personal point of view about these projects, and how they did not meet his expectations generated at the beginning of his experience.

Recommended reading.

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At Project HOPE we value and promote commitment, I invite you to read and leave your comment in each of the outstanding publications of the week!

We are Project HOPE a community that brings hope!


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