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There are many isekai manga and webtoons coming out in the market every few weeks, but frankly most of them just don't make the cut. A great number of these releases are dropped early by readers because they are fed up by the repetitive nature of Isekai materials. You can't expect much because most stories revolves in being summoned into another world, having a harem of heroines and fighting the demon king. Basically, the same thing over and over again. This might be interesting for those that are new to consuming such materials but if you read alot, it just sucks. Sometimes you even see iconic characters being adapted from one manga to another. And it happened not just once or twice but in many cases. Copycat of Andrew Gilbert Mills from SAO frequently appears on different works like those of Nyantarou's.

The Ride-On King is an isekai-fantasy manga by author/illustrator Yasushi Baba. It's not perfect but I do think that it's unique and will be worth the time to read. Still on going with just 17 chapters out, The Ride-On King is definitely one of the good ones in this generation. The main character goes by the name of Alexander Purchinov, the president of Pursia... sounds Russian for a Japanese Manga? Well, that's because this MC Mr. Alexander is an actual depiction of Russian icon, Vladimir Putin himself. And the title "The Ride-On King" is inspired by the Presidents photo of him riding on a bear, which is one of the most BADASS things a sane people would do.


The story started introducing Alexander 's fetish on riding things. He's tired of riding tanks, fighter jets, creatures and even a nation. The sense of conquest and fulfillment are only achieved by riding something he didn't experience riding on. Like Putin, Alexander is very nonchalant. He's over powered as a human but do not brag, he doesn't even care. He doesn't have any superpowers even after reincarnation but his prowess in martial arts and supreme inborn physical strength make him stand out even in the other world.


He was suppose to be assassinated by men riding in trucks. In Otaku culture, truck or more popularly known as "Truck-kun" is often the caused of Isekai characters getting transported. And because of the recurring scenes of getting overrun by a truck it eventually got it's title.But our character Alexander is so BADASS even three truck-kuns are not enough to kill him. Technically he got killed by himself, when he evaded the trucks they hit his own humongous statue, the head fell off transporting to another world. The first thing he saw after being transported? A Wyvern, which is something challenging to ride. And this is where his adventure started.


The story of The Ride-On King revolves on fulfilling Alexander's satisfaction of riding epic monsters while building a place ( maybe, the next Pursia?) where the weak and oppressed denizens of different races have freedom and harmony to live. Alexander's conquest on riding mythological fantasy beings like giant wolves, centaurs and earth dragons has never been boring. The comedy on TROK is hilarious and I personally guarantee that it's genuinely fun to read. It also doesn't sacrifices the plot.

The Ride On King is funny and hilarious but you know that the story has direction. Well, it's still too early as like what I've said we're still on chapter 17 but I'm very hopeful for the future chapters. Alexander as an MC is often in the limelight thanks to great side characters which also provides great support on accentuating his actions. There are few heroine candidates but the story as now focuses more on the background stories of his rides like the centaurs and the wolves.

The Ride-On Kings art is clean and very detailed. You need to look twice to appreciate the illustators works. Facial expressions are drawn very well and the monsters have unique features that you can easy differentiate from other isekai world. I like how the artists did the dimensions for TROK you know there's realism and you know it's not rushed. Overall in a scale of 10 I will 9 or a bit higher, say 9.2 for the art.


If you loved Isekai manga, novels and webtoons but find it boring nowadays The Ride-On King is a must try. It's unique in a good way and in my opinion one the most promising out there.

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1.) Images are not mine they are properties of Yasushi Baba, and are only used as illustration purposes.
2.) The Author (LKP) is not a native English speaker therefore grammar mistakes are bound to happen.
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