Tiger jinda hai - Honest review !!

in #review7 years ago

The Terrorists Organization Is So Well Trained That In the Whole Movie Tiger And Zoya were attacked only with Knives (Matlab Guns to bas Show Ke liye thi) 😎

Bhai ka Darr itna tha Vaha ki In the force of 700 terrorists Salman Kills all of them single handedly without even Getting Shot once 😍

Tiger Has The ability to unlock himself from a locked room where he was left in chemical gases with hands and legs bought tied tightly for 15 min 😎 How did he escape? Duhh Bhai hai He can Do anything ❤

And the Last one When The Strike is done the whole building is Vanished, No way to be alive but Tiger and Zoya Walk away without even getting harmed by any missile

Bhai hai apna Bhai 😎

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