Money, Religion, Education & Nutrition: How the U.S. Controls its Most Valuable Product - End


Education & Nutrition

“Governments do not want a healthy, intelligent population because they’re difficult to control.” - Tony Benn, British Parliamentarian

Being part of the American school system I learned to be a consumer and an employee. Food stamps were the currency of my childhood, providing the worst possible nutrition while concurrently shaping my future eating habits. I specifically recall the food pyramid poster, proudly on display in my middle school cafeteria.


The food industry is another controversial sector where inaccurate new studies backed by special interest groups are found to advance their agenda. Over dramatized documentaries provide so-called evidence that certain foods, drinks or diets are healthy vs unhealthy. My focus is on the backbone of the American diet; the basic fare trinity (BFT) as I like to call them—i.e. sugar, wheat and dairy. Where does all this confusion stem from? Let's start with the early food groups of 1917:


The current global obesity epidemic is proof that this is a deep-rooted social issue filled with propaganda. The cultural food crutch was developed by the government to keep its members in a state of dependency. Just as marijuana was absurdly considered dangerous by Richard Nixon in order to keep minorities in check, so too has the BFT been relentlessly promoted through billions in advertisement to keep consumers ignorantly content. Making the BFT a food staple of America has meant huge profits and lower scores in public schools where standardized tests are dumbed down in order for the average student to pass through unscathed and unchallenged.

It all boils down to misinformation for money, power and control. The current central banking system in America began with misinformation on its intentions in creating the Federal Reserve. It’s now an extremely profitable business. Religion began with misinformation on the afterlife based on ancient stories. It’s now an extremely profitable business. The current obesity crisis in America began with misinformation on a healthy diet...and so on.

Control is a simple recipe:

You develop a system that educates on how to become another cog in the wheel and only offer subsidies on cheap, high carb, sugar-filled, greasy foods. Throw in a neverending cycle of sports, sprinkle some belief that life will be better when they die and voilà; they won't question a thing. You own them.

From baby showers to morgues; we are all products.

We need to consciously evolve. To create a new collective intelligence and break away from the dysfunctional system that has done nothing but lie, enslave and indoctrinate us to consume since birth. What can you do? Keep educating yourself. Do your own research based on unbiased opinion and personal confirmation.

Free your mind.


Question everything and support anyone who does the same. This is how we resist. Never stop buying crypto. Never stop learning. Stay private. And most importantly, COOK!

My contribution to the revolutionist movement will be to turn the recipes I post on this blog into The Revolutionist Cookbook and eventually open a restaurant where only cryptocurrency is accepted. Where tipping won’t be necessary as everyone will be paid full salaries and where simple and healthy ingredients will meet delicious cuisine. Like open source code, all of my recipes will be available to the public in full detail and any improvements offered will be embraced and possibly added to the menu in their perfected form. Any donations to the cause are much appreciated either by up-vote or wallet of choice below.