Money, Religion, Education & Nutrition: How the U.S. Controls its Most Valuable Product - Intro

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Earlier this week, I came across a powerful observation that is both simple and profound:

"People have seen the movie, The Matrix and they say oh that's a science fiction movie, and I go NO, The Matrix is a documentary. We've all been programmed." - Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Stem Cell Biologist

The most common question throughout human history has most likely been, why are we here? Every person on earth has asked this at least once in their lives. In the vast design of matter, our planet alone is a subatomic particle in an unfathomably boundless universe, let alone us. We are practically nothing. And yet, we are everything.

We are all part of a living, breathing, complex organism. Our bodies alone are proof of our societal makeup. If we think about the bacteria in our gut (around 40 trillion) then the idea that we could be some giant organism's gut bacteria or that our gut bacteria could house even smaller alien worlds inside it seems very plausible.

So why is this important?

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Once we understand what we are, we will begin to open our eyes for the first time and truly see how we spend, what we believe, what we've learned, and most importantly, what we eat. Just as in The Matrix where humans are created to supply power to the machines, so too have we been produced to supply the government with an unlimited resource.


We are the product. Think about it. We have literally been programmed since birth to consume without end, to have faith without doubt, to study without question and to eat without consequence. Add a little fear to the mix and you have a perfectly subservient cocktail of "In God We Trust" ready to live, fight and die for its entire belief system.

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A system designed to enslave the mind, body and soul in exchange for its most vital power source. If the American Dream, in all of its lush overtones and delusional grandeur could be summed up in one word, it would be...


I'll be going through every significant aspect of how this control has subtly but aggressively seeped into our psyche from first breath until our last. Money, religion, education and nutrition are at the core of this seemingly functional, yet highly dysfunctional society that we live in today. If you aren't in a complete rage after reading this series, you need to take a closer look at your life to truly listen and observe your surroundings subjectively. Are you complacent? Are you in control? Are you the product?

To be continued...

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