Rising Star winners + STARBITS GIVEAWAY

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Onwards to the future

Level 30, here I come! In approximately 5 minutes, my current mission finishes, leveling me up to 30 in the Rising Star crypto game. I'll have the "shopping mall" mission available to me. Not having done the math on it yet, I'm not sure how often I'll start it, but it's bound to be better than anything in Home Town anyway, so it's probably replacing Saturday Headline. My confession? I was a little impatient. Music lessons boosted my way through.

A rap about rap

Earlier today, I've written a 5-minute freewrite for @mariannewest's contest. Because the prompt is "listen to the rhyme", I wrote a rap about rap. Tell me if you like it!

Title: Crash Course in Life

Listen to the rhyme, it's his form of expression
Rapping all his poems so he doesn't get depression
Let him vent out all the anger, it's justified
You don't like his style? But his ideas are verified

You want to complain, it'll be in vain,
You get petrified by his disdain, you're so tame
Your attention is his gain, you're impressed
Now you understand why others feel so repressed

All you had to do is listen, you didn't wanna
Now that you've had to, you feel like you won a
Crash course in life


Due to a few breaks I've had to take, there were only 6 giveaways in the past 15 days. What a shame! Let's pick up the pace, shall we? But first, here are all the winners:

@manclar Slippy
@supriya.gupta Slippy
@erking "Random common card" - It's a Jonny!
@dubble Blue Guitar
@javiss R67 Febie
@irisworld R67 Febie

Congratulations! It was obviously karma due to your good deeds. You've already gotten your cards.

I'm just kidding guys, I really do randomize winners. Everybody who leaves a comment gets an entry - only one entry per person per post, no matter how many comments they've made in a single post. Using random.org for the lottery does the trick.


R55 Bruce in today's giveaway. To participate, just leave me a comment with whatever you like.


Thanks this is awesome!, and i want to join on the R55 Bruce giveaways too.

Nice giveaway, continue with the cool work. Meooow!




@felipejoys! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @manclar.

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Thanks! You're participating.

Thanks, good to know that.😂

Oops! Haha.

Please add me for the next draw. Thanks!

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Congrats on unlocking the new mission! I'd like to participate in the draw :).

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GIVEAWAY?? To dentro!!!

I want to say Thank you :)

You're welcome!

I love to perform the mission taking long time and rewards with good amount of Starbits and curranty the Local Mini Tour Support is my favorite..



@felipejoys! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @guurry123.

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Oh, I want to level up enough for tours too!


Thanks Bro :=)

Thanks for the giveaway. 😊

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Thanks for your contest, please list me for the draw!😀

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Pode me adicionar!!

Tá dentro.

thanks and add me please

I've added you.

definitely count me in for this one too, appreciate the last card! thank you again :D

Please add me for the next draw. Thanks!

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