How to use trustwallet to stake crypto on robiniaswap ?


I am creating this post so that both experienced as well as new users can understand the process get started with crypto staking.

The first part illustrates the installation of trustwallet and the latter part deals with funding and staking of crypto using your trustwallet.

If you already have trustwallet installed you can scroll down and directly go to the staking section.

If you are into crypto and a mobile user chances are you would have heard about the trust wallet.
If not you can download and install it on your mobile phone.

Both android and IOS based phones and devices support trustwallet
Install trustwallet for android from here
Play store link
Android APK Link

Install trustwallet for IOS/ apple phone here

If for any reason these links do not work you can access the links from the homepage of

Installation & Setup

I demonstrate the installation using android and playstore over here
First search & install the trustwallet from the play store
and open it.

Upon opening the wallet for the first time you are presented with
two options
a) Create a new wallet or
b) Import a wallet
If you have an existing binance smart chain wallet or an existing trust wallet Mnemonic key phrase then you can opt for the import option and restore an existing wallet.

Create a New Wallet

For creating a new wallet click the "Create A New Wallet" option.

2-create-import wallet.jpg
On the next screen apply the check mark

3-clock check box.jpg

This enables the continue button as shown in the image below click it

4-apply check mark and click continue.jpg

The next screen displays a set of 12 worlds which is the "Mnemonic phrase" of your wallet. Note it down and keep it safe.
The next screen prompts you to reconfirm your Mnemonic phrase only then would your wallet be created.
Upon verification you would get the following message.


Once the wallet is created you would be at the home screen that looks like this


Your wallet is ready to use however you would need some crypto to fund it.
Also for staking you are going to need some BSC or the Binance Smart Chain Tokens.

7-bsc funding.jpg

This would display the deposit address

7bfind bsc address.jpg

How to find the deposit address of any other crypto

Click on the icon of the crypto you want to deposit just as we did for BSC

Now user can send crypto from any other wallet or withdraw from an exchange.
For the ease of understanding and use one could add PancakeSwap's cake tokens and use them for staking.

Once your wallet is funded you can start staking it on robiniaswap

To start staking click on the dapps section of trust wallet as shown below

9-click dapps.jpg
Enter the address in the address field as open the url as shown in image below

10-enter address.jpg

This opens the site as shown below

11-eth network.jpg
However by default it is connecting to the ETH network. However we are keen to stake our BSC based tokens.
So click on the eth icon shown as encircled

11a-eth network select network.jpg

Click and select the BSC network by clicking on the icon as shown below

12a-bsc-network selection.jpg

This switches the network to BSC as can be seen by the network icon

13-bsc connected.jpg

Next click the connect button

13a connect wallet.jpg

This would open the following options

14 aselect trustwallet.jpg
Select the TrustWallet option

Click the connect button
Once the wallet is connected you can see a part of you address

15a-wallet connected.jpg

Now you are all set to dive into staking

Next click the horizontal lines to access the menu

15b-3 horizontal lines.jpg

This opens the following options
Select the pool option

16a-pool option.jpg
Select a pool to stake
This would depend on the currency you hold and you wish to stake

18-select a pool 2 stake.jpg

You can visit and check which are the active pools you can stake in to earn RBS tokens.
If you have RBS tokens you can stake them for earning more RBS tokens.
For staking you have to first click the "approve contract" button next/just below the pool.

18-select a pool 2 stake.jpg

Once approved you would get the option of stake
Click that button
Some amount of gas fee for staking would be required.

select amount 2 stake.jpg

This involves paying some gas fee in BSC that is why it is always advisable to keep some bsc in your wallet to pay the gas fee.

If you click the Max button all you holding of that crypto would be staked. For example if I stake BSteem and click the Max button then all your bsteem held in tha twallet would be put on staking.

Let us try another token for staking. This time cake tokens of Pancakeswap.

cakestaking on robiniaswap.jpg

Staking would require 2 key steps
a) Approve Contract and pay a small fee
b) Stake> Set the amount of tokens to stake pay a small fee to complete the process and start staking.

Currently you stake various tokens and earn RBS tokens as reward of staking.

The pool has a number of tokens to stake. One can choose any and start taking them.
The APR: of the Pool would different for every pool.
Keep an eye as it varies. One can try to join a pool with a higher APR to earn more RBS tokens.

Please note that for a staking pool the APR is always dynamic and can go up and down.

Backup your wallet before you start using it

remember not your keys not your crypto
The crypto world is full of ups and downs and there are too many people out there who are after your crypto so I sincerely hope you do not lose your crypto to a trickster or lose your crypto because of a mobile or wallet crash and you did not back up your wallet keys.
Also as an added level of security if you have a crypto installed on your wallet make sure you have a screen lock enabled on your device.

Currently I am studying and experimenting with robiniaswap a new Pool and farming platform

RobiniaSwap Official Documentation:

Discord Channel:

Standard Disclaimer: Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment. The purpose of this post is for educational purpose only and it should not be considered as financial advice.


That's good. I have a trust wallet but have not stake on it before. Can you stake any Crypto of your choice there or does it have any particular crypto currency you will stake there.
One more thing according to the image you showed us,your staking is showing another thing not BNB.
Or you have a right to choose the Crypto you want to stake.

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The short answer not all crypto can be staked or not at least in the same way. Sorry if this like is confusing.
Let me explain. If you want to stake your crypto in a staking pool then you need to know what all staking the pool supports.
There are various pools that support staking for example if you visit you can see what all cryptos you can stake the APR return and any deposit fee that many apply.
So either you can convert your crypto to one of these cryptos or look for another pool.
I am focusing on BSC or binance based tokens because the fee for staking and harvesting rewards is super low as compared to ETH based staking.
Even if your crypto is not in a list or you cannot find a pool that supports it you can always head to here you can create account/login and see the staking options.
So here you can usually also stake otherwise unstakable coins like BTC and earn a reward. Though this type of staking.
Hope this info helps

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I am using binance but can you stake on binance too. If yes, give me the procedure because I have alot of Crypto currency on binance.

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There are a number of opportunities and ways that you can do it on Binance and a number of ways to go about it maybe I should do a post to list as many as I can.
However to get you started I suggest you login to your Binance account I am using a computer so you can head to your wallet
Here you would see all the currencies that are listed and you can see the balances that you hold.
View a currency row from left to right and for currencies you can earn with there is an earn option
Click on the earn and it would show you various ways of earning with your holding

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Thank you. I will check it up now

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