You are not on any list. I don't automate any of my downvotes. Don't worry about it, it was nothing personal. STEEM is a no-no subject on HIVE.

Thanks a lot it comes as a great relief to know that :)

However something strange has been happening ever since the down voting incident.
Even the comments of mine that you upvoted on got downvoted
For instance
downvoted by @buildwhale
downvoted by @themarkymark & @upmyvote
and this is how my christmas post ended up

These are all big accounts and I had no idea even if a small account like mine exists for them or in what way any of my comments or Christmas post has offended them.

You will need to take this up with @themarkymark and @pfunk, it's not me. These guys got royally shafted by STEEM and Justin Sun, they have long memories and don't take kindly to any STEEM content on HIVE.