The situation is not so simple.

Putin's regime has been the most pro-Jewish that Russia has ever had - Yes its a low bar, but nonetheless significant.

Putin has funded and supported Syria, but not Iran and Hizbollah. Russia put up with Israel blasting the later two in Syria every week for a decade, even when Russia troops got killed (because the Syrians don't know how to use an air defence system safely).

Yes, Ukraine has a President who comes from a nominally Jewish family. But he has been a fig leaf for substantial Neo-Nazi elements of the Ukraine armed forces - this was well recognised in Israel long before the current war.

The is a difference between history and present. Napoleon invaded Russia (though Russian forces fought in Europe back then). Hitler invaded Russia. But today Ukraine did not invaded Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine. A country have every right to defend itself, like Israel does when Gaza is shooting on Israel.
Russia invaded Ukraine with full arm and 200k soldiers. This kind of war declaration is something that the world, especially Europe can not look over.
Putin will end up hurting Russia very badly, and any investment against Putin will turned out the right one.

p.s., I want to see you (not really, please don't try this) suing a Russian company like sue Facebook. You can say many bad things about the US, but democracy is a whole different league of culture. The Russian way is the window way -

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