Summary of the Ukraine Russia thing for those who don’t know history and have been brainwashed by Russia Today propaganda to think that this all started just in 2014 (which it didn’t)

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Russia has been infringing on the Ukrainian people for hundreds of years. Ukraine has simply wanted to secede from the Russian bully imperialists for these hundreds of years.

Russia imperialized Ukraine once again in 2014 and took power. The rest of the world tried to fix the damage the Russian bullies had caused by removing the Russian dictator that Russia installed. Ukraine went back to having a democratic election system and they recently voted Zelensky into office (few years back). Zelensky and over 70%+ of the Ukrainians still want to secede from Russia, and almost the only people that want to go back to Russia (13%}, and many of these people that Putin has been paying to move into/emigrate into Ukraine to try to sway the election, but it hasn’t worked fast enough. Putin couldn’t move enough people into the area over the last few years and so he failed to takeover via immigration.

Now Putin has decided just to drop all the lies about not wanting Ukraine (which Russia always has wanted for its vast resources, it’s like a bad marriage and Ukraine isn’t allowed to get a divorce.

Russia is saying, “if you don’t stay with me and let me be a shitty husband, I’m going to kill you” the rest of the world is like, “whoa, there’s this shitty bully boyfriend/husband and the victim wants to leave. Hey bully/shit partner, you don’t have the right to force Ukraine into your marriage. Everybody believes Ukraine she be a free and independent person and that if they want to be single then they can be single.”

Russia is like, “nope, fuck off this is my slave and my housewife and I will not let her go!”

But yeah, please tell me how it’s all the victims fault and the fault of the people trying to protect the victim derp derp