Chickpeas for lunch!

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It's started getting chilly and juicy hot dishes are more and more welcome on the table. So today we had chickpeas with homemade tomato sauce (a sauce made by my grandma's hands)!!


With some fresh bread and cauliflower salad we have a healthy and nutritious meal to get us through the day.


And we're back to the boring daily question... what should we cook tomorrow?

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Nice shots! I ll cook lentils tomorrow but you could try an always classic recipe, macaroni with tomato sauce!

This is really healthy :)
Maybe apple strudel with vanilla sauce, pancakes with apricot jam, potato gratin, Milk rice or Milk rice casserole, vegetable stew, potato pancakes with apple sauce, tortillas with yoghurt sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chili con carne, cevapcici with rice and yoghurt with garlic and cucumber or lasagna?