His first suit!

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It's a fact!! Little Man has been baptized and got his Christian name, Panagiotis. It was a beautiful ceremony, our boy was amazing, very cooperative -he even fell asleep during the christening and cried very very little- and everything went well!

These are the clothes we picked for him to wear after he got his name.


A beautiful white shirt with a vest and a pair of chaki trousers. And this bow tie is something else!!


The clothes came with a whole set of candles inside a small suitcase.


Here's a closer look at the big candle..


And at the suitcase and oil bottle.

More about the event in my future posts!!

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Can't wait for those pictures. An amazing, wonderful time. Little man, indeed :)

That’s one snazzy outfit. We had to drive into New York City to get the stuff for my daughters christening. Astoria, Queens is a very concentrated Greek community. We got everything for it there.

Well Done 🎉

Is lovely see we have the same name

I hope some day to find out HIVE and see how you make memorable posts for him

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The pair and combination of the clothes definitely makes top notch

Να τον χαίρεστε!!!