Claiming 2000 Telos for Telos SAND San Diego COin, and every SAND from Steem, the original SAND, is peggeed 1:1 with TELOS SAND, also pegged 1:1 with EOS SAND

in #sand7 months ago

To discuss with Telos Members come here

To learn about @sqrl Wallet come here to their telegram and ill send you some free SQRl tokens SANDtelosPNG1.png

Telos SAND is listed on NEWDEX

And will soon be listed on another exchange you can use for Telos tokens which lets you list them as well for free I believe. I suggest they have a system of vapaee tokens and enforce staking of them or burning to list :) Newdex will have autonomous listing like steem engine has eventually.

Anyway I hope to see you on the new Telos page on