Telos SAND to be listed on Newdex. You can deposit and withdraw SAND as Telos SAND now. Telos and Telos SAND Withdraws are now working, EOS gateway still needs time.

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Since you will soon be able to trade Telos SAND for Telos tokens, (and SQRL as well ) we should at least make sure you can withdraw your SAND earned posting on the aka and now you can withdraw it, as Telos. EOS SAND is still listed and will have its gateway back up asap when @privex is done creating a new EOSIO history api node, but until then you can use Telos SAND.

Telos SAND can be withdrawn the same as EOS sand on the drop down menu in OR by sending your sand to @sandiegocoin memo: TLOSSAND eosaccount

Just go to and withdraw your SAND to any telos wallet like Scatter, or preferably (telegram here )

So here I am initiating the transfer to test out the Steem Engine to SQRL.... and heres my telos...

Here I am withdrawing 1.1 TLOSP to Telos Main net to my ackzaontelos telos main net account

AND here I am sending 5 telos to my steem engine account

And you can see it all shows up in the SQRLwallet

As do the SAND tokens that I also tested a withdraw from... nice and neat

So as for now, dont deposit telos into steemengine, just withdraw, also, eos can still withdraw, just not deposit. @someguy123 is still working on it but for now, SAND is working, for telos, which is great for the new listing on telos trading zone

I was just able to withdraw EOS SAND so THATS great news.

If you have EOS SAND you can sell on newdex, or, you should be able to deposit it and get TELOS sand and sell THAT on newdex as well!

Approx 64,000 EOS SAND has been sent to the Newdex Peoples for a Christmas Promo!

And by the first quarter of 2020 I will be prepared to do a VERY large promotion of SAND to celebrate some NEW accomplishments that include adding @telosdac @eosdac and other tools.

I have heard these new 2020s being hailed as the Roaring 20s for Cryptocurrency and software development and I forsee all the pieces finally here to make this possible. Imagine's billions in seed funding now imagine TELOS having even MORE in Worker proposal funds when telos market cap reached 100 Billion just from private sector AND government investment and contracts.

Come to the telegram to learn more

And come to steem engine telegram

Steem Engine discord and


I highly recomend you all get a SQRL telos account and come talk with telos telegram community including white paper authors, whales, investor relations marketers, teh whole team actually hangs out, unlike ned who never talked with the plebs, we actually have an involved bourgousie :D

Happy to see SAND promoting @challengedac so much and thanks for giving out so many CHL tokens. @citimillz is doping a great job on our telegram

This is GOOD news for the SAND community! $SAND going places.

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