Heidi Chakos Predicted SBF was a Fraud: Ep. 88 of Show Me The Crypto

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Heidi Chakos is Founder of Crypto Tips. In October 2022, weeks before the FTX drama began to really unfold, Heidi posted a prophetic video to her YouTube channel titled: Why I think Sam Bankman-Fried is a fake. Toward the end of the video, Heidi says, “There’s been a lot of megalomaniacs, but they all tend to fade away into the oblivion of crypto history because it’s not about the person… it’s about the decentralized networks that are being built and the freedom that they grant.”

Check out the full interview:


Nice interview with @HeidiTravels! I hope she comes home to Hive again some day. I've been following her content since 2016 on here (actually on our predecessor) and on YouTube.

I sub to your YouTube and have seen many of your vids. You're a good source of crypto info and education in general. Keep up the good work!