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This is the most logical and down to earth explanation I've read yet on this subject and while I agree with you as I too am scientifically minded, I have noticed in my particular field that science is being watered down from what it should in essence be - which is the hypothesis and the testing thereof. This is where the average person CHOOSES to put their faith blindly in the men and women in white coats. They aren't questioning anything, they are simply regurgitating what they are being shown en mass by the media.

The ones who do question anything (like I was questioning this originally when the wet market virus species barrier jump headlines came out) - everyone called me a crazed conspiracy theorist.

And now it's happening all over again - people are fearful of death and the media and propaganda machine know how powerful that is as a tool to sway public opinion.

It's hopefully not too late for people to take a long hard look at what is happening and actually start asking the real questions. Great post and I love the flowers interspersed :)


We do have to continue to be kind but persistent. I don't think it is too late; we can fix our democracy loses and reclaim science from corporate barons.

This is something that might help from a social science perspective.

This is such synchronicity. This video has come up in feeds of mine in 4 different places in the last 3 days and it's a very good (albeit simplified) way of breaking down exactly what I perceive happening.

Thanks for the reply, let's see how it all goes, if we keep speaking up, perhaps one day instead of being vilified people like us will be seen as a voice of reason. I'm being pessimistically hopeful here.

Have a good day.