Clothing with graphene to regulate body temperature

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Until now the only way to feel fresh without resorting to water or fan gadgets, whether manual or electric, was wearing light-colored clothing that reflects all the light they receive from the Sun.

But from now on, graphene, which after doing a lot of begging seems to be already having applications, is going to allow us to make garments that regulate our body temperature.

A team of scientists from the University of Manchester have created an article of clothing that uses the thermal properties of graphene, to release or trap infrared radiation emitted by our bodies.


The human body, like all other bodies, releases heat in the form of electromagnetic energy in the part of the infrared spectrum, which you can see using a thermal camera.

With this development, graphene has been able to electrically adjust the amount of energy emitted, being able to make the shirt cool us in summer, by releasing all the energy produced by our bodies and warm us in winter, preventing that energy from being lost.

Given the flexibility that characterizes graphene, it can be included in all types of textiles, such as wool or cotton, which can help in making all kinds of clothes with it.


But this is not the only use for this technology, once we have interwoven graphene, it can also be used to send messages or present any type of information in textile media.

For example, we could change the design of our shirts with different drawings or messages that, of course, could only be seen using infrared vision cameras.

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Wow ... This is so cool. Very extraordinary clothes. Thank you for the information of this great discovery.