Robot snakes to operate aneurysms on the brain

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An aneurysm is an abnormal widening of the walls of the arteries, which are the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body.

When blood pressure encounters a section of a weakened artery, it pushes the artery wall outward and forms something like a balloon on the arterial wall.

If these aneurysms grow too large and rupture they can cause very dangerous bleeding and even death; If this occurs in the arteries of the brain, it is called a stroke.


When these aneurysms occur in large arteries such as the aorta, if they become dangerous, the patient can be surgically intervened and the artery repaired relatively easily.

But when this occurs in the brain, in addition to being a particularly sensitive area, its arteries are extremely thin and the same surgical techniques cannot be used.

In order to intervene these arteries, a group of scientists have designed a species of robot snakes called "continuous soft ferromagnetic robots", capable of moving inside the arteries of the brain without damaging them.

This snake is made from silicone and neodymium magnets used in the manufacture of some electronic components. This forms a kind of ink with which these snakes can be made by 3D printing.

Using magnets, these snakes can move precisely through the arteries of the brain and repair aneurysms without damaging any of the other arteries.

Since the propulsion system is not in the robot but in the magnets and in the person who handles them, these interventions could be done remotely by specialized personnel.

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