Storing renewable energy in shrimp shells

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I suppose that almost all of us make our mouths water with a portion of shrimp like the one shown in the photo. From now on they will not only caress our palates but will help us store energy.

A group of Spanish researchers working at MIT have developed a system to manufacture electrodes for Vanadium batteries, which are used to store renewable energy.

For electrons to flow, electrodes that are conventionally made of carbon are usually used, but these researchers propose to make them from Chitin, a substance from which the shell of prawns is made, the same as our nails or the horns of quadrupeds.


According to experts, "chitin, in addition to carbon, also has nitrogen, which is incorporated into the electrode structure during the transformation process and improves its performance."

Although it seems that carbon electrodes could be manufactured, using the remains of the shrimp is not only cheaper, it is a waste, but also allows us to recycle this type of waste properly.


This is the photo of my compatriots, from left to right, Francisco Martin-Martinez, Antoni Forner-Cuenca, and Diego López Barreiro.

From now on, we will be less annoyed to leave srimp waste all around us when we eat prawns.

Bon apetit!!

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This is very useful information. We will no longer find waste from shrimp shells. thanks.