You can also donate your brain and there is no need to be healthy.

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Organ donation for transplantation is a widely established practice, especially in Spain, which helps many people to continue with their lives after having transplanted an organ.

But not everyone knows that the brain can also be donated, not as a transplantable organ because we all know that, today, a brain cannot be transplanted, unfortunately.

And for what, then, are we going to donate our brain if it cannot be useful to another person, because neurological tissues are needed to study brain abnormalities and find the necessary cures.


As a consequence of the increase in life expectancy, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease increase and it is necessary to find treatments that cure or mitigate their effects.

For this there are brain banks or neuronal tissue banks, which sounds better, that are dedicated to collecting and preserving samples of neurological tissue to be able to use it in subsequent investigations.

According to experts, the neurological tissues of animals do not have exactly the characteristics of humans, so the use of human tissues in research is of vital importance.


Unlike with other donations, one must be healthy in order to donate an organ, in the case of the brain, it is not necessary to be healthy, or even to have primary education.

If anyone is interested in donating their prodigious brain, in Spain you can do so through the National Network of Biobanks and surely if you google a bit you will find the equivalent body of your country.

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