Is it possible to transfer material objects at the speed of light?

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Teleportation means transmitting an object or a material from one place to another in exactly the same way as a TV or radio broadcast. According to quantum mechanics, particles and energy are not only substitutes for each other, but can also be converted into each other.

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On this basis, the possibility is raised that one day scientific technology will develop to such an extent that human beings or material objects will be "transported" from one place to another by converting them into energy (i.e. electromagnetic waves) and the "receiver" elsewhere will receive these waves and convert them back into matter. In this way, human beings can move from one place to another in seconds instead of hours and minutes.

Experts say that in order to successfully teleport any body, the teleportation machine must replicate every particle of that body up to the quantum level. In the event of a malfunction in this process, the teleported body may differ from the original body.

The concept of alleviation, more suitably termed "quantum teleportation", was derived from a long scholarly debate between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Einstein laid the groundwork for quantum theory and was initially supportive of it, but his views changed after Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Einstein changed his mind when a new generation of physicists discovered that possibilities reigned in quantum particles. For a long time after that, Einstein objected to the rationality of quantum physics. In 1927, a conference of the world's leading physicists was held in Brussels , where Einstein and Niels Bohr discussed the above theories. Nearly half a century later, several experiments showed that this mutual harmony, which Einstein called "entanglement," was indeed possible.

Quantum mechanics itself has a back door to make this process possible, according to which, instead of moving particles, the quantum properties of one particle are transferred to another particle, in the blink of an eye, at a remote location. It is possible that there may be an "exact copy" of the original. But since the same quantum state cannot exist in two particles at the same time, the quantum state of the first particle will be destroyed after the transfer of the quantum property to the second particle. This process is termed "quantum teleportation" and Einstein called this process "entanglement".

The process of quantum teleportation requires three particles: two interconnected particles, one acting as a transmitter and the other as a receiver, while the third is the particle intended to teleport the quantum mechanical state. This third particle is enabled to interact with the transmitter particle and produce the desired quantum change in it.

This change will be reflected in the second receiver particle at the same time. Through this process, different types of quantum information such as spin and polarization of a basic particle can be teleported. If this information is transmitted to a remote receiver particle even through conventional communication, that particle assumes the quantum state of its partner particle. In this way a particle can be transmitted from location A to location B.

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It seems that the quantum teleportation required for a quantum computer will soon be possible, but will we ever be able to teleport any solid object? Teleporting the human body seems far-fetched right now. This process may not be possible in the near future, but scientific matters as well as many ethical issues need to be discussed. For example, when we talk about the transmigration of the human body, under the method of quantum teleportation, we are transmitting the instructions to build the organs, not the organs. These instructions will reach a receiving device where the atoms required for the regeneration of these organs must already be present. The only thing that can be teleported is actually the most accurate arrangement of atoms and quantum information.

If we talk about the scientific possibility of teleportation of the human body, then despite the maturity in the process of quantum teleportation, there are many other technical problems in this process, one of which is the need for a lot of energy. It may be possible to teleport something as small as a virus, but the process of teleporting to a large body can only be accomplished by the smallest detail.

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Even if all this is possible, some travelers may not like to use the teleportation device. We would not automatically move from location A to location B, but this process will actually get the quantum information of each atom of our body and transfer this information to another location receiving device where multiple copies of our atoms will be made. The teleported body will actually be an exact replica of our body and our original body will be destroyed.

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