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In the Jaws of Evolution

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If you follow my blog you will know that there are two things that excite me. Spirituality/mindfulness/self-exploration (however you want to label it) and science.

As a philosophical Taoist, I do my human best to not attach to ideals and doctrines. This means I am NOT religious or into mystical narrative, beyond the lessons they can teach metaphorically. I endeavour to use functional ideas, until they are no longer functional. I understand there will likely come a time when even the best idea is no longer functional.

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Science is a PRACTICE that has traditionally been a very good litmus for functionality. That is a science that's goal is the uncovering of functionality and creation of it and not one paired with propaganda and 'lying with statistics'.

I have a very broad scientific background garnered from an addiction to undergrad study. It includes course and lab work in both hard and soft sciences; also some statistics and even the philosophical history of science. I am not your average CNN watcher, and I am certainly NOT you average FOX watcher. I watch ALL news, including Health and Science News, with a critical eye, looking for confounders and statistical fabrications.

Late in the spring of 2020 was when things first didn't start adding up for me. I discussed this with a few of my more conspiratorial minded friends, and they told me it was all about the V-passports. Like most of you likely would have done, I rolled my eyes. I lacked information to form an informed opinion. They of course were right and I was naive to the machinations of the powerful. I know how it feels to be fooled. It feels better when you admit you have been.


What I did do was seek out the doctors and scientists that also had their science sensed tingled. I base my opinions, which are still changeable, on what the scientists, who until 2020 were well-respected in their fields said, those not benefiting monetarily from vaccine rollout and even one who does (Dr. Malone).

And I put everything through the filter of lectures attended and textbooks read ... what good old Darwin discovered. I remain open to changing my mind.

But I cannot fathom how other scientific minds can continue to parrot nonsense like 'trust the science' and 'follow the science'. Like science is an infallible practice and then go on in the next sentence to say ... the science is always changing. This a massive equivocation. Would you trust a person that tells you one thing and then another. No. Of course not. But don't fret.

Science proves its usefulness when you don't TRUST it but question it instead. This pushes science along to give us better solutions.


Scientific findings need to be run through more than just peer review. The peers that review a work are generally chosen by the scientists that conducted the study. Peer-reviewing is a highly biased process. Still beneficial, but the peers doing the reviewing need to be reviewed too.

Scientific findings also need filtering through logic and against known and well-proven principles. And even then we can be wrong. Paradigm bias is ALWAYS present. The final and ultimate test is reality. The inoculants are simply not proving effective and worse are resulting in variant escape and outbreak.

Yeah ... the CDC told you to put your mask back on. Right.

That wasn't suppose to happen for the vaccinated. You were promised protection and freedom. And we told you it wasn't that simple, and the vaccines were still experimental. Ta Da. No we weren't being prophetic, but we understood how science actually works and how it is corrupted by mercantile concerns, fear, and panic; we understood the danger of moving forward with its implementation too soon, before the data is collected, compiled and interpreted, before the study is actually completed, particularity when we are talking about an irreversible treatment.

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Even the most assertive inoculation program cannot erase a variant that is immune to it. The more you inject, the more you select for escape variants. Simple evolution. The unvaxxed and symptomatic are spreading variants without selective pressure. Once they are recovered, they contribute to herd immunity for any of the strains and for an extended period of time.

The vaccinated, apparently even the asymptomatic, spread escape variants ONLY. If you mass inoculate, you massively spread escape variants. Basic evolution.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Montagnier warned us this would happen and now the places that got a head start on mass vaccination (Israel, UK, and US) are experiencing massive break through infections and you are putting your mask back on. To the argument ... yeah but their symptoms aren't as bad. Remember this a mild condition for all but the most vulnerable. That is what the stats say. I'd believe them, in this case, over the shills.

Israel was releasing hospitals rates up until a few days ago, and sure enough, they stopped just as the rates for hospitalization of the vaccinated was about to over take the percentage of people inoculated. What I saw was an approaching even spread.

And be wary of study time frames that extend back to the height of the last wave when virtually no one was vaccinated to fabricate favourable numbers to the vaccinated.

A vaccine SUPPORTER and not a PUSHER understands that vaccines should be used judiciously (that is with sound judgement) and not enmasse during a pandemic and should be used in conjunction with herd immunity, if at all possible. That was VERY possible with COVID 19.

Or very quickly, the protection that said vaccine could have offered the most vulnerable is swallowed up in the arms of those who would have benefited more for themselves and society from natural immunity; the protection that should have been reserved for the vulnerable is swallowed up in the jaws of evolution.

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No, antivaxxers did NOT preferentially spread the DELTA variant, the vaccinated did because of mass inoculation. The Delta variant was given space and time to develop because we quarantined the healthy and neglected the ill ... before the vaccines were even in play.

We did this to ourselves with a LACK of scientific understanding. Virtue-signalling covered up our fear and weakness. Scientific ignorance was shielded with insistence masquerading as faith.


A metaphor holds value
Not because of its accuracy

Believing metaphor to be accurate
Is folly and leads to myth
Which leads to attachment to ideals
Leading to a clouded mind
Leading to chaos

A metaphor holds value
In its unraveling
In the seeking to understand
Through an open mind
Inaccuracies are revealed
New truths are found

The gain is the act of doing
The opening of your mind

(applies to science too)

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This is the most logical and down to earth explanation I've read yet on this subject and while I agree with you as I too am scientifically minded, I have noticed in my particular field that science is being watered down from what it should in essence be - which is the hypothesis and the testing thereof. This is where the average person CHOOSES to put their faith blindly in the men and women in white coats. They aren't questioning anything, they are simply regurgitating what they are being shown en mass by the media.

The ones who do question anything (like I was questioning this originally when the wet market virus species barrier jump headlines came out) - everyone called me a crazed conspiracy theorist.

And now it's happening all over again - people are fearful of death and the media and propaganda machine know how powerful that is as a tool to sway public opinion.

It's hopefully not too late for people to take a long hard look at what is happening and actually start asking the real questions. Great post and I love the flowers interspersed :)

We do have to continue to be kind but persistent. I don't think it is too late; we can fix our democracy loses and reclaim science from corporate barons.

This is something that might help from a social science perspective.

This is such synchronicity. This video has come up in feeds of mine in 4 different places in the last 3 days and it's a very good (albeit simplified) way of breaking down exactly what I perceive happening.

Thanks for the reply, let's see how it all goes, if we keep speaking up, perhaps one day instead of being vilified people like us will be seen as a voice of reason. I'm being pessimistically hopeful here.

Have a good day.

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Very beautiful flowers!

Thank you:)

Very beautiful flowers!

Very beautiful flowers!

Thank you:)