Breaking The Silence Of The Night, Can't You Hear Me Screaming

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Remember these words, Avigan(Favipiravir), Ivermectin, Ammonium Chloride, Emodin, Remdesivir, Niclosamide, Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. No doubt you have heard of the last 2, but why not the others?

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As I mentioned in my last post I have been researching the Coronavirus since January mainly because my wife and kids are in Japan and we have a lot of tourists in our town from China.

Today I found more important information and I am going to try and tie it all together in this thread.

First the treatments. These are all agents that have been proven to fight Coronavirus.

Avigan -

Ivermectin -

Ammonium Chloride & Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine (Putting them together as they were discovered together in the same study. -

That website/paper led me to Emodin -

Remdesivir -

Those are just random links to each of the treatments. There are many stories for each you can find by searching the news.

The virus.

The virus most likely originated in Wuhan, China. The video I posted the other day about patient zero, is getting some attention here in the US. Bill Gertz, a columnist/reporter in NY, mentioned it on War Room Pandemic on Saturday.

From what I have read, I am no biologist, the virus uses a protein, spike S glycoprotein to attach to the human cell's angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2) as shown in the image below.

Corona Virus.jpg

What several of the agents listed above, chloroquine, ammonium chloride do is they block the virus protein from attaching to the ACE2 and thereby neutralizing it's ability to infect.

I haven't dug deeply into Avigan, Ivermectin or Remdisvir but from what I understand is they attack the virus RNA head on, rather than simply blocking it.

Now onto news from this morning, but posted on March 30th. There was another study out of China, this time opening up a whole other angle to this story/virus. It appears the virus hijacks the red blood cells too. This would explain organ failures, people falling over dead in China.

The virus robs the blood cell of it's iron ion. This is important because what the iron ion does it enables the cell to exchange oxygen/carbon dioxide. It picks up the oxygen in the lungs, transports it throughout the body, then pick up the carbon dioxide waste and return to the lungs. Here is a very thorough thread on Twitter explaining the process and then the study.

So WTF is going on?

I think there are several things happening. China had an accidental release, tried to cover it up, it spread exponentially and they said fuck it, if we're going down everyone else is too and let it out overseas to run it's course. Globalists said, right here it is, our key to moving the ball forward on 1 world government, Kissinger, Blair, Gates. Leftists in the US said, right here is our opportunity for a kill shot to Trump. Various entities/groups all using the virus as a power vector.

I think the US Government realized we are screwed because we have outsourced all of our API's, active pharmaceutical ingredients, to China, meaning we can't make our own medicines without China. So even if the above mentioned treatments, chloroquine, etc. worked, we couldn't get enough in time. So the government decided, just as they did with N95 masks, to downplay, hide the effectiveness until we could have a large enough stockpile to protect the Chain of Command, military, then doctors, VIPs. Now, just as they are urging you to wear masks in the US because production and availability is up, I think they will start actively promoting these treatments since the US now has a 29 million dose stock pile of Chloroquine with more coming in from pharma companies.

Please, if I am wrong in any of this information correct me. I'm just trying to pass on what I have found/learned and figure out why this is happening. Stay safe and rock on.