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RE: 1980s GI I suposed to be stupid or smart to understand this show?

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Not sure I want to go down the rabbit hole of watching these. I watched enough bad cartoons as a kid. I do agree about the issues with parallel universes. Where does the energy come from? Mind you, they can apply to various superheroes too, but the writers may come up with some hokum to explain it.

These cartoons must be churned out at quite a rate and you can see they take shortcuts with quality. I can imagine they get bored and slip in some odd stuff to break the tedium.

Have you seen Pixar's Soul? That has some very imaginative stuff in it and I think it's aimed more at adults than kids. Will kids care about a jazz musician who is questioning his existence? Of course they throw in some good action too.


If I recall correctly, much of the concept was cobbled together by Marvel Comics writers ( I forget who) and I think some of them may have pulled double duty writing comic book and episodes for this cartoon series. The parallel universe flaws in a cartoon is one thing, but there are actual scientists that profess this to be a scientific possibility. absurd nonsense that defies provable science. Don't watch pixar movies...something about the color pallet annoys me ( nothing wrong with it technically, it just puts me off for some reason) , but I'm sure "Soul" is well done.

Not sure I've heard of anyone being put off movies by the colour palette before, but I do think Pixar generally do a good job. They seem to aim to produce something special rather than just churning out whatever might be commercial, but the stories can be soppy at times. I'm just in awe of what can be achieved in animation these days, but stories matter.

I find it interesting that one of the pioneers of parallel universe theory was the father of E from the band Eels. He did a documentary about his dad a while back. I am into science, but a lot of more recent stuff is non-intuitive. Doesn't mean it's not true though.