I found my first Scorpion last night!

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Here's to the Scorpion King!

Finally after over 30 years of catching critters I found my first scorpion. It's a tiny little guy too. I want to say it is another Striped Bark Scorpion like Gorax was. It has to be!? Arkansas only had Striped Bark Scorpions so I would imagine Tennessee would only have the same species too. But I don't see any stripes on this little guy. Do you?

That's because I'm wrong, Tennessee has two scorpions that live in the state. Seeing that this scorpion doesn't have any stripes means it must be an Eastern Stripeless Scorpion. Go figure HA HA. It turns out the Striped Bark Scorpion is invasive to Tennessee.


I tell you when they are this big they sure are cute HA HA. This little guy was also fast! It made it too difficult for me to shoot a video. Kind of hard to hold a camera and interact with a Scorpion without getting stung HA HA. After handling it though it became easy to pick up this little guy. It just wants to crawl up and down your arm. You don't have to worry about its pinchers. It's the tail you have to worry about. Really though it is easy to handle these guys without having to worry about getting stung.


If you put your hand down like this the scorpion will try to hide under it for shelter thinking it can get away. It will hide under your feet too. It may climb up onto your hand and fingers like other bugs do. So if you are wearing long sleeves be careful HA HA. The last thing you want is a scorpion up your sleeve HA HA.



I think Gorax was the same size as this maybe a little bigger. You might remember Gorax. If not this ought to refresh your memory...

Sadly I will tell you that Gorax died two months after getting him for Christmas. Or else you might of seen more blogs of him. I'm thinking about naming this scorpion Gorax II. I plan on keeping it a few more days. So I will follow up with another scorpion blog soon. I need to get me some sort of critter cage or terrarium to keep it in. Right now all I got is a jar.

The next question I bet you are going to ask me is, am I going to let the scorpion crawl around on my face like I did my Garden Spider??? Most likely! I just need a hand at getting those pictures taken HA HA.

As always I'm Theo aka Rainbow Man and here is the PROOF!!!
PROOF of scorpion

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Very Cool. Love me some Scorps.

That is so cool! I've never seen that species!