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As a sunset chaser and lover of sunsets there was one spot that I loved been everyday of the week for the four weeks, I was holidaying on this amazing island of Koh Samui in Thailand and that was at Nathon Beach which is on the east coastline of the Gulf Of Thailand, here the sun would set over the Gulf of Thailand and everyday was a spectacular show to look forward to. We would always try and find a different spot and a different bar to chill out having a beer, till mother nature started her show. On this particular day we had a better and closer view of what they call the Five Islands of Samui, which you can see in the distance beyond the ocean.



These Five Islands of Samui, actually offer the most extraordinary hillside villas with the very best of peaceful island living, these beach villas are set in amongst pristine hillside forests overlooking unspoiled beaches with the evening views offering the most spectacular sunsets on earth. We didn't make it over there on our last trip unfortunately hopefully on my next visit.





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria


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The sea and beach are the best of combinations - the best for great photographs. Lovely @kokhsamui99🙏

Thank you @angiemitchell I always find it to be astounding just magical for photography as you say 👍

We never tire of taking scenes or taking rem photographs.

Haha...not for the Sunset Chaser I do go to great lengths to achieve my goal ...hehe 🤤

Wow, fire in the sky, I love it 😃

!BEER or !WINE and !PIZZA - perfect 😃

Thank you @johannpiber this was just one of the many awesome sunsets on this island it was just magical 🌞

All my pleasure my friend, they look awesome 😃

Cheers and !BEER

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Thank you @hivebuzz you know I have lost track of all these achievement but glad you have a track record ...Cheers have a great day 😊

Wow another phenomenal set. I love those islands in the background, I get to see them every time I'm on the west cost of Koh Phagnan.

But here is the big news, I did a day trip to Koh Samui about 3 days ago, to buy some gold bullion at a dealer there. By the end of the day I was missing my island just 14kl accross the sea. I was like what is this energy here that I don't like. I looked it up, you have about 70,000 people living there and here in Koh Phagnan its about 8,000. Man, I was not used to the traffic, the noise, the aggressive drivers, and huge trucks hauling ass on the main road going around the island all day. Koh Phagnan doesn't even have a stop light, and no McDonalds.

I don't think you got a chance to visit koh phagnan, I wonder how you'd like it. My friend who grew up in Sao Palo Brazil, he is a real city boy, he says he likes Samui better and is moving there in a couple weeks. He jokes around saying that I'm old and boring and how I like my quiet island here....hahaha He's a good friend, met him a while ago up in chiang Mai, and we came down here about a week apart.

On another note, OMG! Chewang looks like a bomb got dropped on it. I'd say about 98% of all businesses there are closed. Some have broken windows and look like they've been looted. Total run down ghost town now. Unreal to see it.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and see your latest and let you know I just visited you're beloved Samui.... My girl is editing those sunset/sunrise photos I've been talking about for a while now, so glad to see some progress being made on that. Keep up the fun blog and I'll be in touch.

Thank you @world-travel-pro that is sad news I think that island relied on foreign tourist alone that would have devastated the whole island it was really pumping when I was there that's a real shame hope it can recover in the near future.

To me I didn't mind the traffic been from a big city it was nothing for me but we spent most of our time traveling inland and coastline finding all the hidden gems and had fun doing it.

Had you seen Samui in it's good times before covid?

That's the thing I love to do most, exploring and finding those hidden gem places.

Yes I was in Samui for a day trip in 2019, then again in 2012, and in 2003 and 2006 I think. Back 15 years ago, the island was way quieter and less developed. Very much like Koh Phagnan today. Probably why I like Koh Phagnan better now, but Samui was my go to island back then before all the big resorts moved in a bought everything up.

Yes it's not only Samui that go whacked hard with covid, 25% of of Thailands GDP came from tourism. 40 million visitors a year down to about zero. It's been hard times from Kho San Road in Bangkok to Koh Kut hanging off the southern tip of Koh Chang on the Cambodian side.

Well i am glad you got to see Samui in the goods times, I think it's going to take quite a while for any tourist related countries to get back to the norm let's hope sooner then later but in the mean time keep enjoying, you are at the right place for that 👍

Thanks buddy. I'm certainly enjoying the island life here. I started counting the beaches that surround me in each direction it's got to be over 40, and then you have even more little hidden spots that are not on the map. I agree, it's gonna be years until anything gets back to whatever resembled normal in regards to tourism. Thanks for stopping by and helping support blog. Much appreciated!

WOW, could you ever imagine how many beaches Thailand actually has it would be countless and you have the perfect opportunity to see them at there best all clean tourist free, I can see that sea water been crystal clean like never before. Enjoy buddy 👍

Thanks buddy. Went swimming in the full moon beach this morning. Water was calm and crystal clear. Couldn't find any garbage in the water or on the beach. I certainly am lucky to be here.

Stop making me jealous but I shouldn't be complaining our weather and beaches here in Byron Bay at the moment are smashing brilliant 😊