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An couple of weeks ago I was walking around Lennox Head beach which is about 20 km from my Byron Bay home town, even though this beach is really not that far from me I never really get a chance to visit this beautiful beach but that weekend a couple weeks ago, I just wanted to get away for a walk to to a different beach. While walking around amongst these cluster of rocks and while standing on a rock looking out to the ocean taking a photo of the cloud formation, I noticed and sensed from the corner of my eye something moving around from behind the rocks as I snapped the photo I turned around and saw, well what I saw scared the shit out of me at first, I thought it was a Crocodile coming for his breakfast but then made out it wasn't but still this what ever it was could still probably eat me like a Crocodile, I figured let me get on some higher rocks so I legged it onto some higher rocks in hope that it wouldn't be able to climb these higher rocks and I just stood there keeping eye contact with this long huge Lizard, evidently it looked a quite awesome looking Lizard with it's orange and black band stripes, never had I seen just a huge Lizard, this looked like something out of the prehistoric dinosaur movies.

As it got closer still walking towards me and me still in fear standing on this tall rock and still keeping eye contact with this reptile lizard, I noticed it had a huge fish in it's mouth this gave me a sign of relief this guy had just been fishing and had caught his breakfast so I figured he didn't need me for breakfast, it was then when he was getting closer to me, that he made a shape left turn with this big fish wobbling and flapping around in his mouth the fish was obviously on his last few breaths and was then that I pointed the camera at this huge lizard I had just witness and in a instant he had disappeared in what looked like his cave hide out which I wasn't going to go near.



I have seen many lizards in our outbacks of Australia, but never one this size and on a beach although I was in fear it left me in awe. When I got home I tried to find this particular lizard on google but no luck to what I could determine and understand from google this was a species from the Monitor Lizards family which can grow up to 2 or 3 meters long they are good swimmers and fish hunters but are quite harmless to humans unless provoked they just go by there our business. This will be one experience that will stay with me forever almost eaten by a prehistoric reptile, one story that will be told to the Grandkids 😂



#seaphotography by @marc-allaria


wow !!! fortunately that such large and strong lizards do not live in my area, it looks wicked I just hope they are peaceful as much ,,, scary and wonderful ;))

Thanks for dropping by @denisdenis they are actually peaceful as much unless provoked, they normally go about there own business and don't care about humans at all.

happiness peaceful wild animal i like it even more hehehe ;)

Thank you @denisdenis was a rare sighting and a pleasant one 👍

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Oh wow I have never seen such a big lizard before.

It was amazing i was rubbing my eyes to make sure i wasn't hallucinating 😨

If I were you, I would slap myself. 😁

Haha, i did that also 🤣

Wow what a beast! That would have scared the shit out of me aswell haha, Great photos!

As scary as it was it was amazing to see but honestly he didn't even care that I was there.

That's so cool. Just going about his day catching a feed.

Done just voted 👍

Thanks @vcclothing appreciate that have a great day and a great feed enjoy 👍

Look scary 😱 is he dangerous?

He does look scary but not dangerous to humans much like your water Monitor lizard you have in your country they normal run from humans 🤣

Haha yes usually big animals are not so scary 😆
Oki, I did already. Good luck 👍

This is true. Thank you kindly @babeltrips have a great day 😊

Have a great day to you too 😀☘️

That is a healthy specimen, I too would stay clear of any monitor lizard. Fish he has caught looks a fair size as well, catch of the day possibly.

@tipu curate

Thank you @joanstewart lucky he had a fish otherwise he may have come after me for lunch 🤣

Thank you for your tip much appreciated 👍

Sizeable fellow always watch their tail for backlash 😄

Haha..this is true it would be like a elephant trunk slamming you 😨

Oh wow, what a capture! That lizard looks huuge! But beautiful too :)

Thanks @phortun i was rubbing my eyes to make sure i wasn't seeing things 🤣

What a crazy sight! Excellent capture!! 😎

I was rubbing my eyes not believing what i was seeing it was a amazing animal to see that's for sure one i will never forget 😨

This is a lizard too? I can’t believe it, it’s very big. If I saw it I will run away. Amazing pictures!

Thank you @sreypov as scared as i was i couldn't just walk away i was trying to be sure that i wasn't seeing things you know going nuts 😁

Woww really !!! Wait John ? Am I watching a movie? That lizard so weird, beautiful and particular, my first time seen it :) Great capture and lucky you :)

Yeah tell me about it, was like been in a Jurassic Park movie first time me seeing one of these also was definitely a sight for the eyes 😨

Wow :) I envy you this big lizard ... nothing similar lives here ... and it looks great, kind of prehistoric in that coastal enviroment.

It definitely was a WOW .. this time we do sought of live in a prehistoric in that coastal environment ,but this is the best i have seen.

Keep those photos handy so you can say “That’s not a Lizard; THIS is a Lizard” to some American

Haha, i like your sense on humor @apshamilton like in Crocodile Dundee movie ... lol 🤣

WoW! I could feel the fear just looking at the photos, but I too would have stayed there to see it, because it was an impressive encounter!

You are right @nataliaeline although i was feeling a little fear at the moment i could sense i was in no danger so i just had to take the opportunity to take this event in 😊

Remind me of the book and movie The Road to the Center of the Earth 🤗

Lol..that is a great description @suzana72 and i loved that movie 👍

I like him very much🥰

Wait, what?? A lizard? Oh my, I would run away, not climbing to the higher rocks...imagine it can climb hahaha ....we would not seen this post @kohsamui99 🤣

Haha, he had a bigger fish to eat 🤣

I was still rubbing my eyes on the higher rock and frozen in moment wondering what i was seeing 😨

I understand! We are frozen seeing the photo , I can imagine how it was in real 👀

Haha, yep was truly a amazing sighting one i will not forget to easily 😨

Wow.... what an experience. I love reptiles but to be honest with you, if i ever encounter any monitor lizards of such size it will scare the hell out of me

Thank you @farmlife it was a beauty I did freeze there for a moment but lucky he had caught his lunch already 🤣