Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 68


Have you ever wanted to start to practice on the organ but found yourself sidetracked after a few days? Apparently your inner motivation wasn't enough.

I know how you feel. I also was stuck many times. What helped me was to find some external motivation as well.

In order for you to advance your organ playing skills and help you motivate to practice, my wife Ausra - @laputis and I invite you to join in a contest to submit your organ music and win some Hive.

Are you an experienced organist? You can participate easily. Are you a beginner? No problem. This contest is open to every organ music loving Hivian.


  1. It's sort of open mic contest for organ music - no limitation to length, level of difficulty, genre etc.
  2. It can be any organ piece, any hymn, any improvisation or any organ exercise.
    It has to be performed by you without editing.
  3. Be sure to clearly state Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, the contest week number, your Hive user name, and the random contest entry word of the week. This week's password is "Easter During Quarantine".
  4. Upload your entry to YouTube.
  5. Make a post about your entry on Hive (use to post).
  6. Performance on pipe and electronic organs are valid.
  7. Performance on synthesizers is PERMITTED as long as you play real organ music.
  8. Use #secretsoforganplaying as your first tag. Optional: use #palnet, #neoxian, #creativecoin, #marlians, #tunes and #sonicgroove tags to earn additional tokens as well.
  9. Upvote and reblog this post on Hive.
  10. Comment this post on Hive with link to your entry and video so people can see and listen to it.
  11. The contest is open until next Monday 12:00 PM UTC.


Every participating entry will receive a portion of our upvotes (we apologise that we can no longer give 100 percent upvotes with so many participants in our contests). Additionally, the winners will share 20 HIVE prize fund.


This week anybody can pick the winners based on what sounded the most interesting and best performed to you. Next Monday simply write your comment under this post with your 3 winning choices. Participants CAN vote for themselves too. I will calculate who received the most number of votes and announce in separate post.

Our goal here is to support the community while motivating you to practice, inspiring to create some amazing music and adding more smiles to everyone's day.

Questions, comments, ideas? Please let us know your feedback about this contest.

Support our fellow contestants - upvote, reblog and comment their entry to let them know specifically what did you appreciate about their music.

Also stay tuned for the post about winners from last week!

​We hope to see even more entries next week!

And remember, when you practice, miracles happen!

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And while I'm here I might as well gives my votes for this week. And then it's off to work. Well, I work at home, so there's no actual travel involved... :-)

1 @sapolasa
2 @michaelcalabris
3 @drugelis (making the mkost of limited means, chapeau!!)

Thank you! This keyboard is not comfortable, keys are smaller that of organ. But better than nothing

My votes for this week, along with an explanation of my choices.

@Partitura - I read in your original post that you were tired when you recorded your video. However, your being tired is not immediately evident (or evident at all, really) while listening to/watching your performance. Your performance of the "Trio" demonstrates intellectual, emotional, and physical self-control, as well as technical polish - four characteristics of an excellent performance. Your interpretation was also very effective, communicating with facility the music's charm.
@Drugelis - First, I am glad you were able to enter the contest this week. As Auke wrote, you are working with much more limited means than the rest of us, but the employment of your natural talent and determination resulted in a pleasing performance of of the "Two-Part Invention" on your keyboard. Your playing the piece so well on so small a keyboard was very impressive to me, too. Your musical spirit, your performance of the invention, and your ability to bring the best out of the instruments at your disposal are all commendable. Well done.

I have had great difficulty choosing this third entry. I am not sure if I can call a tie for @Contrabourdon and @Sapolasa, but I would like to do so, if permitted - and for the following reasons:

@Contrabourdon - Your performance demonstrated not only a mastery of the work (bonus points for performing the work of a young composer!) but it likewise demonstrated intellectual, emotional, and physical/technical self-control. You confidently communicated the upbeat spirit/mood of the music in your performance. It was a completely satisfying performance of a cheerful composition.

@Sapolasa - Yours was an assured and impassioned performance of a work with a great late 19th century French character. It was an exciting work and you effectively communicated both the majesty of the composition as well as your enjoyment of the music. Again, a satisfying performance.

Thanks for the nice words, Michael. I can hear the fatigue in the toucher, a sort of sluggishness that I usually don't hear in my playing. And I would probably have played it a tad faster had I played it a few hours before. That's the beauty of music of course. The performance exists only in the moment you play and each performance is unique. Recording is actually contrary to the nature and art of music. Nevertheless I am glad the recording technique exists, and hear performances I otherwise never would have heard.

Thank you, Auke. I appreciate your response to what I wrote above. It is very discouraging to take the time, as I did, to write a thoughtful and appreciative analysis of other people's music only to have my words go not just without a response, but without an acknowledgement of any kind. It happens to me too often. I think, if I participate in the contest in the future, I will stick to just voting for the top three (or not). Thank you for treating me with professional respect and courtesy.

It's probably not only human nature for you, but could quite probably be a language thing as well. English is not my native language, and the same goes for more participants in the contest. As such it takes often a bit of time to express myself in English, even after all those years writing for my website and on Steem/Hive.
Lack of response is perhaps a loss of words as well to express oneself properly in a difficult language as English (imagine you had to write your comment in Lithuanian or in Dutch... 😃 )

That's a good point. Whether or not it's true I don't know (and, all things considered, I suppose it doesn't really matter either way), but it is a fair criticism.

For me English is not native language like for Partitura. So sometimes it is difficult to write an answer or even to understand a comment (espaecially when there are a lot of specifical words). It is nice to see your comments about my playing. Thank you!

@partitura (I think you are the best this week)
@sapolasa (your performance sounds strong)
@contrabourdon (nice piece and performance)

Voting is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.