Johann Sebastian Bach, Triosonate nr 1, BWV 525, third movement | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, Week 71

This is my entry for the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, Week 70. I play the third movement (Allegro) of Bach's first Triosonata, BWV 525.


When I started practising this Triosonata I thought that this third movement would be the hardest of the three movements to master. It turns out I was wrong. The first movement is by far the hardest of the three. The second and third movement are more or less equally difficult. The third movement with it's many fast notes is technically harder than the second movement. The second movement however, with it's intens emotional drama is artistically harder to play and requires a solid concentration for over 10 minutes.

In this closing Allegro all lingering emotions of the second movement are dispelled. It is a joyous piece of music, full of wit and sunshine. My performance is not yet without error, so perhaps I should have worked on it another week. However, as it is one of my absolute favorite pieces for organ, I'm utterly thrilled that I am now (more or less) able to play it, and I wanted to share that.

The next challenge is to play the entire Triosonata in one take. For now that is beyond me, but who knows, when I keep playing and practising the individual movements, it will be possible eventually.

The recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset, made by Sonus Paradisi, of the Klapmeyer organ in the St. Nikolai church in Altenbruch (


Thought you would like to see what I got in the mail today:

Oh, wow, that's indeed great to see!
Something I created here in the Netherlands is now in use on the other side of the world, how cool is that. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. There are some real gems between them!
I'd love to hear you perform some of them

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Woohoo! That was fun! After Orgelbuchlein, I have a feeling I'm going to start on these trios again.

Yes, you should try them again! This last movement of the first sonata is a lot of fun to play

I like this movement a lot and you played it very well. When @organduo, @laputis and I were recording parts separately for this, we complained of there being "one too many repeats" haha! Well done.

You mean, every repeat is an added opportunity to record mistakes?
Other than the added opportunity to ruine a recording, I enjoy playing the second half again very much. It's always a pity when the piece is over...

Thanks for your entry!