Secrets of organ playing Contest, week 70 | My winner picks for this week.

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The Secrets of Organ Playing contest by @organduo and @laputis seems to get more and more traction. This week there are no less than 9 entries so far. And as there is still somtime left for new entries, perhaps there even will be a tenth entry. Though the chance for that seems slim.

With 9 entries the Contest even outperforms the Open Mic Contest of this week. That contest was in its fourth week and I counted 6 entries. It is not often there are more classical organists posting a performance in one week than there are performances of popular music. Perhaps we will see the day where organ music ís popular music here on Hive.

Well, dream on... 😃

It is a hard time choosing which performance I liked best and would want to nominate for winning. I think all 9 (yes, my own as well... 😃) entries are great entries. As a long time user of Hauptwerk I'm pleased to see the numbers of Hauptwerk users in this contest is growing as well. Nevertheless, my choices for this week do not include a Hauptwerk player.

First this week for me is the great improvisation of @michaelcalabris:

Second, because of all the practise work involved and the great result, @iwan2believe's rendition of Brahm's Herzlich tut mich erfreuen:

If one of the previous three had not entered an entry, I would have chosen @sapolasa's performance of Lefébure-Wély's Verset in d minor. I like the music of Lefébure-Wély and should definitely use it myself for a future entry in the contest:

And for completion's sake, these are the other performances in alphabetical order of Hive-user name:

[Edit: I see that I missed @tormus's entry, who posted it on Steem and not on Hive: Sorry for missing your entry. Perhaps next week you could post it on Hive as well]


Thank you very much for your vote for my entry for this week's contest, Auke. I'm glad you enjoyed the improvisation. Thank you, again.

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