Check your Synchrony accounts!

in #security3 months ago

I've been dealing with some identity theft issues over the last week, and based on what's compromised, I'm pretty sure that Synchrony Bank had a breach. Of course, they're not going to admit this, and their representatives assured me that they cannot confirm that a breach occurred. When I've had to ask that question in the past, they had no problem denying that a breach occurred, so the new wording sounds a little fishy.

Anyway, they sure aren't going to tell you, so I thought I would tell you. If you have any accounts that are serviced by Synchrony, like credit through PayPal, you might want to check on them, and change your passwords.


Shit that sucks man! Has it all gotten sorted out?

Just about. I still have to get some shit sorted out with one card. I'm not looking for any new credit, so I just froze everything. It cost me a half day of work, but not much else.

Dude, that’s awful - what a headache! I’m sorry to hear that, I’ll have to make sure I haven’t been affected!

Hey, completely off topic here. I don't know if you're on discord at all, but Acidyo was wondering if there was any interest for the Homesteading community to be in the OCD incubation programme. I see you've not been as active for a while, though, so not sure if it's something more you'd want to commit to. Anyway, this is my discord minismallholding#6670 if you want to know more about it.

I would certainly be interested in that, but as you've noticed, this is my busy season, so I don't have a lot of extra time to commit right now. I'll try to find you on discord over the holiday weekend... I definitely believe it's worth knowing more about!

No problem, look forward to hearing from you.