SEED Holdings Report #34 - Project Seed starting it's second year!

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As the title says, I'm happy to share that we (as a project), crossed yesterday the 1-year milestone since the post I conceptualized first SEED. If you want to take a look, it's an interesting one. Especially looking at how a lot of things changed on the go and how all the process has been managed.

The main lesson to learn is... if you have an idea, don't be afraid to put it into practice. You never start with something perfect (far from it), but recurrent work and perseverance are what make the difference over time.

We started with nothing, and we're in the middle of a painful winter... but here we are. Solvent and with +150K$ in TVL.

Thanks to all of you who have accompanied me throughout this process, I hope to be able to continue and achieve great things over the next few years.

These last couple of weeks have been busy and full of activity, a few projects have been released, and we recovered a decent bunch of liquidity and made a +50% from the absolute lows. Still some project/s to release, but since the market stabilized DAO has been performing greatly.

I've decided to sell our remaining ORN and transform them into stables to guarantee contributions to DAO Maker for many months to come. Presales are performing much better than any other alt atm, specially with privileged entries.

Taking advantage of the time bias I've made a few updates on the charts which I share every report:


Basically, I get rid of one of the tables and merged the values. The new categories are the following:

  • 'Core' ; comprises the DAO, our HIVE, and the HBD. Why? Because these will be the 'core' of our portfolio according to the 2 year Roadmap.. In the future BTC, ETH, and different stables will be added. But for now, accumulating HBD again is my priority. DAO is performing very similarly vs ETH so I guess it will be my last priority. HBD>HIVE>BTC>ETH>stables.

This section will provide the foundation for the HBD dividends for SEED in the future.

  • 'Liquid' ; comprises all the assets without any type of lock and hence are available. I'm also holding there the stablecoins which will be used in future token sales. Any excess will be transformed into HBD (or other assets from the 'core').

We also have a couple of NFT's from a sale but I'm still deciding where I want to add them. Will probably count them as 'another' liquid asset transforming its floor price into $.

  • 'Locked' ; all the tokens vested in time locks are there, also the allocated dollars before TGE's ('Token generation Events'). For example, the 7800$ is our net contribution, but the token hasn't been released yet. hence the value is the contribution in dollars provided.

I've also refreshed the bar chart, And we're starting another 1-year cycle with new data:


Note a few new categories for HIVE, HBD, and DAO as our very long-term holdings.

The first year chart has ended as follows:


Have a great weekend and enjoy the heat!

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I think everybody is happy with empo's seed performance. You could say he has put his seed to good work :P

I'm such an idiot for picking up a name which allows for such jokes damn 🤣

nah it was always part of the plan, at least subconsciously :P

Happy 1st anniversary to us :)

Haven't been able to follow this as much as I'd like but is there an easy way to see how much value someone has right now if say they would've bought $1000 HBD worth of SEED initially?

Easy peasy.

100K seed total supply.

Initial price of 1 SEED = 1 HBD (those who bought initially).

Actual TVL = 150K$ ; value of every SEED is 1,5$ (+50%). Just divide the total funds between all the tokens 8since you can redeem for it's backed value theoretically).

ATH was 4,88$/SEED. But this was at the Nov peak.

Cheers Acid! (We'll meet at hivefest? :O )

Thanks! missed this reply somehow, not sure, trying to make it but not guaranteed yet!

math :P

Going well. I cannot complain about the direction of things. The bear is always tough to navigate.

For this reason, we have to focus upon building. That is where the long term profitability comes from.

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Gay scam

Looking very good! 💪😎

what's is that first pic.. that looks cool!

even Naruto is an investor!! :P

Excellent stuff by our master Empo. More of the same each year and we will hit $10 for sure and much more further down the line. Liquidity at the right times is the key to all of this.

Long live SEED and... empo, or we're scre*ed! :)

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Nice, A year passed and even in bear , returns are positive so you definitely have nice selection of tokens.

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Are you planning on keeping the NFTs from the pre-sales or do you plan on selling them? Most of them don't really go anywhere.

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Since they're tied to a real business behind (which I find pretty exciting tbh) I'll keep them for a while :)


sweep the floor. :D