From Ice Blonde to Beach Blonde

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Burrrrrr, -24 froze my hair real fast and then it got fried with bleach, poor locks going through it today.

It’s all good really, my hair is really healthy and I actually have it bleaches partly so that it wouldn’t be so silky smooth and slippery that it practically runs away from my head.

My hairdresser is amazing and I’ll never let anyone else do my colour. She isn’t out there just grabbing moneys but actually colours my hair so that it looks great even when it grows our for four months or so between visits.

We had a mini photo session after the dye job for my hairdressers instagram, and because it’s me and my semi-expertise about light, I gave some pointers. Asked if we can stand on the shop window, moved some stuff and then I moved the ceiling lights to point to other direction so that the colour temperatures between natural light and inside aren’t mixed. Everyone was laughing at us but we got as accurate of colour in the photo as possible with the available tools.



I feel all freshened up, and all out of gossip after my salon visit.


End result looks pretty great!

Thanks, I think so too :)

Super beautiful.

It suits you, you can tell your hairdresser is good at her work :)and hey, in Romanian, there's this saying - the crone must suffer in the name of beauty. Personally, I've always wondered about it a great deal, but it's always come in handy for people to justify others' beauty woes.

😂 That’s hilarious, and very fitting.

Turned out well, I would not have the patience to sit there for ages waiting. Seems worth it through even if it did freeze at least it'll stay in shape longer 😂

It’s not bad at all, it feels nice when someone is doing your hair. And they bring you coffee at some point, really is a lux experience ☺️

Umm sure it is I just see haircutting as a chore. Never enjoyed it, decide to grow it now for that reason. Plus the price wow, a lot less for men I know but still. Looks good aways 👌🏽