Free SEO course from Top website due to Corona

in #seo6 months ago (edited) is is legendary for all those who are serious about SEO

If you run your own website and you want more traffic and want to optimise being found online through google searches then you might want to make use of the Corona time at home to improve your SEO skills.

The team at also run the Moz Academy which is a cool collection of online courses to improve how to rank organically through SEO


During these times of Corona they are being generous and they have made all their courses free (except the certifications) for those that want to upgrade their skills.
So far I have used this offer to take a bunch of courses in the value of 983 dollars which is over 10 hours of videos and material.

There is another few courses for me to go but the cool thing is that their offer stands till the end of May so you can still enjoy it as well or share with people you know that might be grateful for this.


Now I can understand that not everything might suit everyone but there are some things in there that are helpful for those that just run a website and others that work in the online marketing business. Personally I am on the road to setting up a small business on that topic here in Switzerland so this is like a gift out of heaven.

Time to learn and all for free.

So I am really aiming to work myself through everything and then probably pay the 595 dollars for the certificate classes as well.

Now of course there is some bias to their own products in these courses but they are remarkably open to mentioning other publicly available tools that can help in the optimisation.

I finished one of the sessions this evening and thought it was not nice of me to not share this with the community we have here on Hive. I know there are a lot of Devs out there and a lot of people who run their own sites. I am going to tag the ones I know and feel free to tag others in the comments who might find this useful as well.

Good luck on learning something new


People that run sites i know of:
@revisesociology @starkers @theycallmedan @gerber @therealwolf @krnel @aggroed @yabapmatt @khaleelkazi @arcange @kingscrown @epicdice @kryptogames @blocktrades @ecotrain @wehmoen @derangedvisions @jarvie @blocktvnews @connecteconomy @llfarms @gardeningchannel @indigoocean @kevinwong @suesa @reggaemuffin @hilarski

If you know anyone else, spread the word and if I tagged you incorrectly, I apologise...


I took advantage of it. Great course!

yea, its well worth the time

Thanks, this will be very handy for my website Following you for more great content 👊

very cool, I hope it helps
really cool looking site you have there. I hope it helps drive some more traffic.
If you want to do advertising let me know I work with an AI driven advertiser that automatically improves results daily and you can start from 5 dollars without subscription or signup fee

That's great, I will bookmark this and let you know closer to launch date! 🙂

Hey thanks, that SEO course is just what I need, although I just figured out today that I can redate my posts, which might actually be all the difference I need!

hehe, well, even apart from that there might be some things that are interesting especially for you as you make a big chunk of your living through that...

I will definitely be checking out that course very soon! Thanks for the link!

I am thinking of returning back to managing my website but I am concerned how to get traffic on my site

well, then you should really look into this course, it provides some useful tips to drive organic traffic and its for free

Yeah sure. That will really help.
I once run a website called world tech but quit when I was not seeing enough traffic to generate revenue for me which really fustrated me a lot

Awesome!!! This is great!! I'm a fellow SEO but here are some good skills to refresh and brush up on!

Have a look here @chekohler!

very true and this business changes so fast you can always learn something new

I could not agree more! Gotta keep up if we anat to bring our A game!

well, I do not know if you know but there is an SEO community as well. Not a lof of members but might also be a nice follow for you. If we can get more members it might grow into something cool

What site do I supposedly run?

well, you are involved with buildteam and they do have a bunch of them so I though i would link you in... hope you dont mind

Hmm I quit BuildTeam a while ago due to lack of time

ah, then I apologise for the tag. I must have missed that. It still says consultant for @buildteam in your title, thats why

Very likely, and no worries, no harm done. The consultant part is mostly for community questions.

Sweet yeah I checked out the moz courses, there have also been other marketing tech companies jumping on board with covid discounts too. Excuse the shameless plug

nice list you made there... really good tips, that site yours?

Appreciate it. Good share.

no worries, hope it helps

#posh tweeted away this amazing offer and helping hive be found