Are You Making SEO Mistakes That Are Costing You Your Readers?

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Are you making SEO mistakes that could be costing you readers?⠀

Good SEO = people > algorithm.⠀

What this means is focusing on what your target audience wants to see is good SEO. You know what's even better? A perfect mixture of the two. For SEO & USER FRIENDLY copywriting you need:⠀

👉 Magnetic headlines: Your headline is your first impression. It is also the most important place to put your main keywords. Use polarizing statements, questions, numbers, and identifiers. Examples of identifiers are: "mindblowing reasons you should..." or "Effortless ways you can...".⠀

👉 Keywords: Ya'll know I love talking about this, but I'll say it again. Avoid keyword stuffing. Your keyword should only be about 2% of your copy.⠀

👉 Long-tail keywords: Maybe keyword stuffing worked once upon a time. Now, the Google algorithm appreciates long-tail keywords. These are related to your main keyword, but longer, i.e. if your main keyword is "cake" your long-tails could be "wedding cake", "cake for one-year-old birthday party", or "Mickey Mouse shaped cake without fondant". ⠀

👉 Readability: Good SEO copywriting is written at an 8th grade reading level. This means shorter sentences with 20 syllables and small words,.⠀

👉 Formatting: No more blocks of text! Avoid at all costs. I'd honestly rather have single-lined paragraphs than a long ass one. Large blocks of text can be daunting and hard on the eyes. On average, a 3-5 line paragraph looks best.

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