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Hi everyone. Steemit is where we share and create informative and educative content for all readers. therefore, sevenfingers built a great team of great creators and we summarize their writing in Sevenfingers Creators Weekly. this is a bulletin of content already creatd by our creator and we make weekly reports for the 3 best post they have created.

SevenFingers Creators is a person who has become a model for sevenfingers community in guiding beginners in creating content as well as maintaining the quality of sevenfingers tags to be filled with content that is worth reading.

SevenFingers Creators Weekly


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Title : [SP113] - writing is easy, understand some of the criteria

Even in dreams, sometimes someone has gathered what ideas will be the material of his writing in the morning, so it is not surprising that some people can issue opinions even though awareness is still half of what he has, because maybe he still has really woken up from what he was dreaming about. But not all of us can conquer the situation. Because of you, they, and I will never be the same in terms of changing paper into perfect scribbles. Sometimes I'm confused, what will be the catch in the head. This really is a task that I must complete, because if I can write status in one hour for one status, why should I give up on this situation. So, writing is very easy, it's just that you make this task a problem. That's very clear from what you always show. Sometimes things become more difficult if you make it difficult, but without realizing that we are always among difficult problems. Because it is very unlikely the difficulty will continue but you try to overcome difficulties, unless you just play around with this problem.

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Title : [SP116] - journey for change

Do it slowly and find the best to solve all your problems, give all the changes to your world, and trust your circumstances that all dreams are your goal. The way of life is yours. So, only you have to dare to choose the way out to find bright light. If you live it with confidence, then you will get it all with a convincing light. And vice versa if you are condemn your beliefs, I think you are one of the stupidest humans ever. Talking about life is a choice, so it's true that 80% of your movements every day are about choosing. Because without realizing it, until you find some loopholes from the moment you rise from a beautiful dream, everything is about how you choose to go through all the available challenges. All people believe that you have your own life to enjoy the situation, pour ideas, to accept all the styles that affect your body movements, and your dreams are everything from every change, so fix every remaining life to find a bright spot in the future.


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Title : Cut Aisyah, Pioneering Chemical Engineering Unsyiah # 2

Cut Aisyah was considered hard in educating, probably influenced by her accent because she had long lived in North Sumatra. He had been demonstrated by students on campus and even at his home at the beginning of his assignment, 1981. "It was okay for me to die," he told the students at the time. Some names are still remembered, Sahidin (now lecturer) and Widodo (working in Qatar). Among Engineering students before he retired in 2012, Cut Aisyah was widely known. Often to campus by driving his favorite VW Frog. Always on the campus for almost a day, if you don't teach, it means in the Laboratory. For me, Cut Aisyah is like a parent herself. Appointed as his assistant during the final semester to take care of the practicum of the younger generation, to help him teach and research. Individual benefits, free meals during practice and a little honorarium.

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Title : The Dream of the Aceh Revolution 2005: Local Party # 2

After the rules allow, the local party is discussed warmly in Aceh. Politicians, former GAM, activists and even clerics tried to pioneer a political party. The Legislative Election will be held in 2009, the first opportunity to attract the hearts of citizens. New democracy for the revolution in Aceh after the war was over. Revolution builds self-image without conflict. After the election, democracy was beheaded neatly. The party was summarized, four Islamic political parties were mixed into the United Development Party (PPP), the other five parties were made into the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI). While the group employed is fixed. Furthermore, Golkar was the Champion in the 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992 and 1997 elections. But there was another question, after the local party would play, did the actors of political activity not expect meaning and seats on that stage. A place that promises half-luxury life, in a space that sometimes servants cannot enter, even though they have voted to vote.


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Title : Easy Ways to Learn Astronomy Through the Website WorldWideTelescope.Org [Billingual]

In Astronomy lessons there are various concepts that will discuss celestial objects. There are many celestial bodies that make up the solar system, one of which is the earth. Earth is one of the inhabited planets. Humans, animals and plants can live easily on planet earth and that is certainly much different than other planets. The celestial bodies that we see in plain view have millions of colors. The object will also be very beautiful if there is a reflection of clouds and fog. One tool to see celestial bodies is by using a telescope. Telescopes used for observation are very sophisticated types of telescopes. However, at present with all the technological advances that exist in the process of observing the shape of planets, stars and other celestial bodies can be done in the classroom. By using a computer students can easily see celestial objects that are available on the internet network.

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Title : Learning Process Introducing Colors to Children [Bilingual]

Indirectly teaches children to recognize color is a basic learning in improving visual development and recording of brain memory in children. It is also a way that will improve children's intellectual quality from an early age. I also found a fact in an article, nearly 75% of children's intellectual development comes from visual. The combination found in objects with different colors will also hone the aesthetic taste. Images such as scenery and photos with various colors will provide a process for transferring the art soul to the child. That of course will be blown away if the learning process of parents and teachers applies the right way. The learning process of introducing color to children is a very easy and enjoyable education. Introducing various colors to children will of course make it easier for children to recognize different types of colors.



Title : [Poetry 107] Berhentilah | 20181011

This life has never stopped from all the events that color it every day. Various things become an interesting and painful journey experienced by everyone. Only different times and places occur. This poem takes the story of one of these events. Someone who has done many things, but he is disappointed with the results received, then he began to change in a bad direction. Do it in a different way to meet his satisfaction. Making the devil as a foundation in smoothing every effort. Maybe he never knew that the step he was going through was wrong. Or maybe he rarely enjoys the results he has fought for. This poem contains a message as advice so that he returns to the right path. Whatever happens in our life always look at it on the positive side. Keep fighting and spread smile!

Title : [Poetry 108] Jejaka-Jejaka Tua | 20181012

God has created the earth and everything in it perfectly. Make land then decorate it with mountains and oceans and with the splendor of the sky full of stars and mysteries. Likewise for all creatures of God who make them pairs. Earth and sky, land and sea, also male and female as God's best creation. God multiplies humanity through marriage. That is between men and women. This poem explains the imbalance of life for men who are old enough, but he haven't a spouse. They go through a hard life because all their needs must be fulfilled by themselves. Especially when you have a problem, most of them will be lonely and far from complaining. Or just a variety so that the burden of his life feels light. Hopefully the men will get married in time and start a new life that is better and more fun! God loves all of us!

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