OFFICIAL UPDATE!!🌠Steemits Got Talent Season 2 Week #1 HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!! Increased the PRIZES! Come enter and WIN!

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Is everyone ready?! I know we here at the S.G.T. HQ are! 


With each passing Season we here at the SGT HQ have been striving to come up with ways to improve the contest!  Ways to bring more winning to all of you! Whether in the form of prizes for placing, or entertainment for those watching the entries and voting, We are striving to bring the best of SGT out!   This has been an amazing first season for SGT, and we want to push it to make it even better!  BELOW ARE THE RULES FOR SUBMISSIONS AND JUDGING AS WELL AS THE RULES FOR THE ELIMINATIONS THIS COMING SEASON #2! 

@STEEMITGOTTALENT WISHES YOU ALL THE BEST FOR THIS WEEK, AND FOR ALWAYS!  Thanks to @ADSACTLY for always supporting and being a true STEEMIAN who cares about this platform and the people in it!

A huge shoutout to our major sponsors! 

The ADSactly Community- @ADSactly


@ADSactly and the entire ADSactly Community,  They are doing amazing things! Come check out the community! 


The Whaleshares Community- @officialfuzzy and @akrid and of course the STEEMIT GOT TALENT COMMUNITY! Who has supported this journey every step of the way! 

 As I have always said, FOR THE STEEMIANS, BY THE STEEMIANS! A huge shoutout to my current sponsors, without you all this contest would not have come to fruition!  I am glad to have a solid foundation, as that is the building blocks to anything in life,  IF THE FOUNDATION is poor, the building itself (this contest) would be weak.  STRONG FOUNDATION + STRONG IDEAS + STRONG COMMUNITY = POTION FOR SUCCESS FOR ALL OF THE STEEMIANS! 

We here at SGT strive to bring only the best to this contest and community.  We are excited to make these announcements and look forward to everyone ramping up and really digging in, because the JOURNEY has JUST BEGUN! So come join us here at S.G.T.!  Any TALENT is A TALENT!  Below I have stated the official rules set!  Lets rock and roll! <3 

Love from @bambam808 and all the sponsors, a GOOD LUCK! No, not good luck... BECAUSE THIS IS TALENT! GOOD TALENT too all!    

OFFICIAL RULE SET! (Submission, Judging, Payouts) 



Submission Rules: 

  1. Craft a new post w/ the talent video link, Titling it "Steemits Got Talent Entry SEASON 2 Week # (whatever week you are competing in)" (allowing you to curate a payout from your personal post)  
  2. Comment upon the S.G.T weekly post with a link to your video (allowing you to curate rewards on the comment as well)  FIRST TAG MUST BE SGT (lowercase of course) (the 5 words at the bottom of a post)  
  3. 2 ENTRY PER PERSON! One entry may be a previously used video (posted to steemit already). The old entry used, must still be recreated to the above submission rules.  The other must be made!  
  4. The contest entries will be accepted starting Monday,  although the faster the entry comes in (after Monday) the better, so your entry has more time to accumulate upvotes!    


Judging Process 

  1. I am keeping it fairly basic when it comes to judging! The entry with the MOST upvotes on the S.G.T weekly post WINS! (will be counted the 7th day, Monday and payouts will be sent out by Tuesday!)  
  2. Which is why it is vital to get your entry in early in the week, allowing for more time to network and promote your entry! (I will be resteeming entries as well.)  
  3. There will be a judging panel which will respond to each entry,  ALTHOUGH THIS DOES NOT COUNT TO DECIDE THE WINNER, it is simply for viewing pleasure!     


PAYOUT SCHEDULE - We have gotten many positive responses, and want to do everything we can to empower the entrants, and the community! 

First Place- 70 whaleshares    

Second Place- 50 whaleshares   

 Third Place- 30 whaleshares    

 To collect your prize for STEEMITS GOT TALENT you MUST have a openledger/bitshares wallet.  BELOW are links for all with easy instructions on how download the wallet and how to use them were you to win them! LOVE from the SGT family <3  

The best compiled WHALESHARE guide out there! :

 Steemit is the Key... and Love is the driver!     

SMOKE.Network Discord:

Believe in the medicinal properties of marijuana? Come check join the discussion!


Thanks for using @hairshares tokens!


Here is my entry for this week. This is my first time ever trying this Steemit's Got Talent thing. Sorry if I don't sound the best, it's a very emotional time for me right now but I hope that I still managed to perform the song in a way that will make my mom proud.

You can read more about my relationship with my Chamorro mother in my post here.

Beautifully done brother. I feel your emotion deep in my feels. Rest In Paradise mama ❤️

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support! :)

Beautiful tribute!

Thank you so much @staceyjean! :D

Botty hug :]

Thank you botty!! :D

Good luck my friend.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your support! :)

Beautiful <3

Thank you so much for your support!! :D

It's beautiful buddy... I know she's smiling at you somewhere!

I really appreciate your support so much man!! Thank you!!

Alright, this is it! By popular acclaim and demand, here's my belly dancing and drumming video, my official entry for Steemit's Got Talent, Season 2, Week 1, upvote and resteem far and wide, if it is deemed to be worth it, and I hope you all greatly enjoy it:
"Bellyhood Consortium Expanded".jpg

Namaste :)

By popular acclaim and demand!!! Welcome to SGT S2!!!

Thank you so very much, it is a pleasure, thanks for hosting it again thus giving me a chance to participate too! Namaste :)

Link to my Entry

Photo of My Entry

This is Wembley the fox, I drew him for my endangered and hunted animals tribute! Enjoy the art! And let's love animals more.

  • Title: Look out Fox
  • Medium: Colored pencils

WOW!!!! I thought this was a real fox.... :O

Thank you very much!!!!! Phew glad it looks real :D

super super realistic sis!

Thank you so much!!!! :D

Very nice @jacinta.sevilla! Looks so real! 👍👏🎨 goodluck!

hiiiiii thank you so much <3

Speechless!!! This is goood!!!

Thank you for your comment @zord189 (^^;) I hope you like it

Very nice! Following you ! Upvoted too! Good luck to us all!

Thank you @jacinta.sevilla your is awesome too..yeah!! Good luck to all of us :)

Thanks :D cheers!

Hi Guys, this is my first time here, glad to be participating!
Edit: forgot to link my post:
Here is my entry for original art:

With all my friends' supports, my crewmate & I finally done our very 1st dance video!! The link below is my entry with 【4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy)】Dance Cover. Hope you like it :D

Great entry, but I would put the youtube link in the comment, so people can watch here and upvote, rather than have to jump back and forth! Just some advice from the CEO :) Good luck @nanastrybutt

Thanks for the advice @bambam808! Edited :DD

Nice idea..Good concept..Fair Rule!

I wish all those that will be participating Good Talent as well.

Thank you for your support!

Gonna be on hell of a season!

oh you know it buddy!

This post took me down the rabbit hole of learning. Looking up Whaleshares then to the wallet creation, more about BitShares which led to more learning about block chain. Anyway, great contest that I am not sure how I might enter some week. Still just exploring it gave me much insight.

Thank you! We look forward to your entry! And are glad we could drop some knowledge off on ya!

If I read it correct, the post must be in video form?

It is preferred, but it is not necessary.

I might have a hard time doing that with photography. I can try but no promises. :D.

no problem, it is not necessary, just if possible maybe have a selfie included

This looks like so much fun. I'm excited to witness all the talent here on Steemit.

Thank you! Glad to have ya here, We hope to see your entry! bowing

Fantastic idea to make a talent contest! So it's also more easy for us to find other talented people:-))))