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Is everyone ready?! I know we here at the S.G.T. HQ are! 

As you know, STEEMITS GOT TALENT SEASON 2 IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! With each passing week we here at the HQ have been striving to come up with ways to improve the contest!  Ways to bring more winning to all of you! Whether in the form of prizes for placing, or entertainment for those watching the entries and voting, We are striving to bring the best of SGT out!   This has been an amazing first season for SGT, and we want to push it to make it even better!  BELOW ARE THE RULES FOR SUBMISSIONS AND JUDGING AS WELL AS THE RULES FOR THE ELIMINATIONS THIS COMING SEASON #2! 

A huge shoutout to our major sponsors! 

The Whaleshares Community- @officialfuzzy and @akrid

The ADSactly Community- @ADSactly 

and of course the STEEMIT GOT TALENT COMMUNITY! Who has supported this journey every step of the way! 


Since its release, SGT has gained traction and "steem."  We wanted to figure out a way to improve upon the quality and momentum that this contest has gained. Like many things in life, innovation is key and change is a must!  


drum roll please.... (jk- we are all busy, lets get to it)

Let me begin by saying the contest will continue, more or less unchanged! Its the same great contest, with the same great prizes.  These steps will make the contest more fun, more thrilling, and more entertaining!

  • The contest will now be in seasons!
  • There will be 12 weeks in each season! thats right 12 weeks! That means 12 PEOPLE are gonna be in the eliminations!

Seems basic enough right?  Not much of a change? well GUESS again. We here at the HQ are always taking it to the next level!

  • After the 12 weeks are up, the first place WINNERS of all the respective weeks will be taken to the next ROUND.
  • The 12 winners will be expected to enter with new entries, and should be going for gold!  If an entrant does not enter, they are disqualified.
  • These rounds will be called eliminations!

Sounds exciting right? Thats because it will be!

So, to go over it again for all of you! I dont want anyone to say we never told them so! Steemits Got Talent will now be in seasons, with the first 12 weeks being free entry/ OPEN QUALIFIERS.  As in ANYONE CAN ENTER!  After the 12 weeks is up, the winners from each respective week (1-12) will be into the next round of SGT: The Eliminations.  These will start with the 12 winners, with entrants being cut every week, until it is down to just two entrants facing off for the Elusive Title of STEEMITS GOT TALENT Season (#) CHAMPION!

What does this mean for the weekly first place winners... GREAT QUESTION!

This means two things for the first place winners from every week:

  1. 1st Place Winners are qualified for the SGT Eliminations, and have the opportunity to greatly increase their viewer base, as well as a chance to win much MUCH larger prizes. (still in discussions, but we can promise you they will knock your socks off!)
  2. They cannot win 1st place in ANY of the other STEEMITS GOT TALENT weekly competitions.  (we know its a bummer, you can win 2nd or third but the whole point is to get 12 different FIRST place winners to compete in the Eliminations!)
  3. If a 1st place winner wins again in the same season but a different week, they will be swapped with whomever receives second place, thus a new 1st place winner is born!
  4. YOU MAY of course (and I extend a challenge and a hope to whomever can do this) win SGT SEASON CHAMPION back to back seasons!

AGAIN! THE FIRST 12 WEEKS OF EVERY SEASON ARE OPEN ENTRY! ALL TALENT WANTED.  The eliminations will then be ONLY the 1st place winners from each of those 12 weeks!

We here at SGT strive to bring only the best to this contest and community.  We are excited to make these announcements and look forward to everyone ramping up and really digging in, because the JOURNEY has JUST BEGUN! 

So come join us here at S.G.T.!  Any TALENT is A TALENT!  Below I have stated the official rules set!  Lets rock and roll! <3 Love from @bambam808 and all the sponsors, a GOOD LUCK! No, not good luck... BECAUSE THIS IS TALENT! GOOD TALENT too all!    

OFFICIAL RULE SET! (Submission, Judging, Payouts) 


OFFICIAL SEASON 2 WEEK#1 POST will be released next Sunday! (PST.) In other words SEASON TWO BEGINS NEXT SUNDAY! <3    

Submission Rules: 

  1. Craft a new post w/ the talent video link, Titling it "Steemits Got Talent Entry SEASON 2 Week # (whatever week you are competing in)" (allowing you to curate a payout from your personal post)  
  2. Comment upon the S.G.T weekly post with a link to your video (allowing you to curate rewards on the comment as well)  FIRST TAG MUST BE SGT (lowercase of course) (the 5 words at the bottom of a post)  
  3. 2 ENTRY PER PERSON! One entry may be a previously used video (posted to steemit already). The old entry used, must still be recreated to the above submission rules.  The other must be made!  
  4. The contest entries will be accepted starting Monday,  although the faster the entry comes in (after Monday) the better, so your entry has more time to accumulate upvotes!    


Judging Process 

  1. I am keeping it fairly basic when it comes to judging! The entry with the MOST upvotes on the S.G.T weekly post WINS! (will be counted the 7th day, Monday and payouts will be sent out by Tuesday!)  
  2. Which is why it is vital to get your entry in early in the week, allowing for more time to network and promote your entry! (I will be resteeming entries as well.)  
  3. There will be a judging panel which will respond to each entry,  ALTHOUGH THIS DOES NOT COUNT TO DECIDE THE WINNER, it is simply for viewing pleasure!     


PAYOUT SCHEDULE - We have gotten many positive responses, and want to do everything we can to empower the entrants, and the community! 

First Place- 70 whaleshares    

Second Place- 50 whaleshares    

Third Place- 30 whaleshares     

To collect your prize for STEEMITS GOT TALENT you MUST have a openledger/bitshares wallet.  BELOW are links for all with easy instructions on how download the wallet and how to use them were you to win them! LOVE from the SGT family <3  

The best compiled WHALESHARE guide out there! : 

Steemit is the Key... and Love is the driver!     

SMOKE.Network Discord:

Believe in the medicinal properties of marijuana? Come check join the discussion!

As I have always said, FOR THE STEEMIANS, BY THE STEEMIANS! A huge shoutout to my current sponsors, without you all this contest would not have come to fruition!  I am glad to have a solid foundation, as that is the building blocks to anything in life,  IF THE FOUNDATION is poor, the building itself (this contest) would be weak.  STRONG FOUNDATION + STRONG IDEAS + STRONG COMMUNITY = POTION FOR SUCCESS FOR ALL OF THE STEEMIANS!


@ADSactly and the entire ADSactly Community,  They are doing amazing things! Come check out the community! 



I like your posting .post is good. i want to be like you are a lot of fans. and i need your support in achieving the ideals in order to become a good artist. i need support from you.

Thank you for your support! bowing graciously

Thank you

2 ENTRY PER PERSON! One entry may be a previously used video (posted to steemit already). The old entry used, must still be recreated to the above submission rules. The other must be made!

Does this mean that we have to make two separate posts as two separate entries for each round that we participate in? Would we then enter each post as a separate comment on that week's SGT round post?

we had people create two entries /posts, thus so they can improve their awareness, and earn some extra payout and such. This is all to create a platform for entrants to be seen and admired!

Gotcha. I look forward to seeing this season roll out, and hopefully I can convince myself to give it a shot! :)

no worries man! you gotta get in there. Do some rave moves bro bro! Btw, just an FYI but that bumper thing for comment upvotes, will probably get you in more trouble than good... People tend to dislike those types of things here (as you can see I flagged both the bumper comments, because it makes the post look less appealing, and your comments.)

Yeah, I noticed that myself about the bumper thing. I just thought I'd try it out lol and at first it was cool cuz it did it all discreetly but then suddenly it started to tack on that comment on every single comment I was making....super obnoxious lol so I've contacted the developer to let them know that I would like to opt out (^_^;)>

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This is the type of content that keeps people coming back!
Well done here, will follow.

Thank you very much! bows

You are welcome. Keep up the good work.



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Thank you for your support of the contest! smiley

:) @bambam808 sir if u have spare time do have a look on my work on steemit thanks

What a good read 😀👍

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the contest, and we look forward to your entry! (If you so choose to enter!)

Pretty cool brov @gingersumarai. You are doing an amazing work here. I think I need to start following up in this to discover the talents. Cheers!


wow this is great! nice post, gonna try this one