Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest-Round 198

Hello friends, this is my entry for @melinda010100 Shadow Hunters/SMASh Contest-Round 198 in my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks and its my pleasure to partake with your contest in this platform.

I am highlighting this week shadow contest is that using moment hand sanitizer with my hand reflection. We know that present days hand sanitizer is one of the best effective way to protect oneself against corona virus (COVID-19). Most of all time we use it outdoor places such as schools, government or private institutions, shopping malls, hospitals or other important locations etc. So it is really useful for our daily needs. If you notice at least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. So the guidance for effective handwashing and use of hand sanitizer in community settings was developed based on data from a number of studies. I like to photoshoot every shadows of my own point of view. These were reflected nicely several glittering hand sanitizer shadows on the wall. Have a super weekend for all friends with different types of shadow hunters creativity.






Especially I would like to thanks all respectable team with shadows contest related such as @melinda010100, @annephilbrick, @apnigrich, @nelinoeva, @galenkp, @traciyork for their nice shadows contest and support to encourage me. And all other friends too.

Thanks for receiving the time to check out my post and your valuable time. Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow me if you like to view more content like this.


Great one! Very nice shadow of the hand on the wall. Thanks for your participation in the Shadow hunters contest! 👏 😎

Thank you so much.

You're always welcome! 😎

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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Great shadow photos! Thanks for entering the shadow contest!