Showcase-Sunday - Hopefully a hint about how to try live a New Year 2020 without suffering hemispatial neglect & hemispherical blindness.

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Ok, today's Sunday!! The first Sunday of the New Year. And well well well, what a start of the year with so many unexpected sad new events fighting for our attention on mainstream media. ¿Huh?

The usual suspects and "the powers that be" have been pushing us and swaying us from here to there and further over there very early this time.

But since today is Sunday. And this gives me the licence to rescue one of my old posts from oblivion due the Showcase-Sunday initiative started by @nonameslefttouse four months ago.

I've chosen this ancient article as the most relevant for the #showcase-sunday movement which I find more in tune with the general expectations of a new year that is just beginning.

Tomorrow will be a new day. A new one that curiously will begin with a new celebration. Because it will be a special day when almost everyone worldwide will be waiting for the visit of some important characters.

"The Three Wise Men"

Let's pray that they pour out all their long awaited blessings and multiple succulent offerings on all of us in all parts of the world.

So, without more ado.

"Avoiding Hemispatial Neglect"

(Steemit's Proprioception)

(Jan 14 2018)

¡Roger! ...Over and out!!

EDIT: This was brought to my attention by the user @sunlit7 that Youtube suddenly deleted the video of this documentary that I shared previously in this post. Hence, I've had to edit the post. I hope these new ones that I've included now, stay online longer. Thank you!!


Since today is Sunday and you'll probably find yourself more relaxed and with more free time in your hands today. And most probably also with the usual weekdays 'Short Attention Span' syndrome turned off. I'm going to dare to share this post with you today.

This is a very, very interesting documentary that for years I was searching all over the internet to find it without success. Although I saw it for the first time on TV many years ago and remembered perfectly all its content.

Unfortunately I did not remember the technical details, as the name of the documentary, the production house, the title of the series nor the name of any of its protagonists beforehand. Which obviously, made me the search much more difficult for not having the most appropriate keywords to ask to the search engines and find it.

But today, I finally found it. And you will be the lucky ones with whom I will share this splendid and interesting documentary after so long looking for it to share it. And also, cause currently I consider it of great relevance in relation to some behaviors observed in our steemit ecosystem lately.

So, without more ado. ¡Here's the thing!

"Story Of A Missing Body"

"Ian Waterman - The Man Who Lost His Body"

"Living Without Proprioception"

"You can Click Here to watch the full documentary"

¿Could you imagine where I go with this post?

When each one of our movements require unfaltering conscious effort. And every motion no matter how small must be thought, planned, and executed with conscious precision in advance.

And above all, what it means constantly teach yourself to dress, eat, walk and live by thinking about each movement with strictly visual supervision each and every second.

Since the nerves that once told his brain what his body was doing had been suddenly destroyed. From that moment on, every single day for him has been a tremendous challenge. Yet Ian seems to embrace this challenge with kindness, courage, and a great sense of humor.

¡We could all probably stand to learn a thing or two from Ian!

«Ramble On»

Therefore my friends, in my not so humble opinion. Yeah! Read more, comment more, interact more, engage more, manually curate more & consciously upvote & resteem more.

Being an active member in a social environment, in a social network. ¿What else could everyone expect from us?

Of course mates, excercise consciously our brains. And perhaps, even more our cerebellum that is the part of our brain affecting balance.

We need to constantly workout our "proprioception", "interoception" and "exteroception" every day. And indeed try to combat at all cost hemispatial neglect, hemispherical neglect and in-depth hemispherical blindness.

People with hemispatial neglect are often unaware of their condition. Friends or relatives might suggest they look to their neglected side but that instruction misunderstands the problem they indisputably have with navigating the space around them. People like that, are usually not aware that something is missing, so why would they seek it out?

This post is not a critic. This post is not a rant. This post is not a scold. This post is not a whim nor a whine. This publication is not even an advice.

"But I guess that most of you who have followed me for some time and already know me more & less well from 45 moons ago. Must have already noticed that the main reason for almost all my posts is with the primary goal to raise awareness. Awareness about everything and all. About every single subject that I dare to touch. Sometimes with a light heart sense of humor and frivolous extravagancy. And sometimes with a very serious and cranky sense of informative hilarity value"

Yes, that certainly has not made me a very popular author or a very followed one with a lot of views, upvotes, comments & resteems into the platform. And to a certain extent it seems logical to me that this is so.

But of what you can have the certainty and you can bet without fear of being wrong, is that each one of my posts is and always has been to make you think, reflect and stir your emotions from the beginning. And so it will continue to be every time I write and publish a new one. }:)

«/Ramble Off»


So, if you are now reading these lines and also you swear that you have read all of the above with full attention. ¡Congratulations! you are about to become one of my new heroes. You just have to record that you have done it in the comments section below and you will have won a new loyal follower instantly. And if you think that the content of this post may be of interest and usefulness to someone else, please, consider also resteem it. :)

Now, back to my usual...

¡Until Next Weekend!

«-'Abstract Aural Bit'-»

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Well I did read the written words but I am still not sure that qualifies me to completely certify myself as having meant the endeavor requested as the video you posted was blocked under copy right something or another....then even if I could have watched it it would have depended upon the length and the very vital question of if it held my attention span.

Thank you very much for the heads up @sunlit7. :)

I took note and I've already taken actions to edit the post. I hope you can now feel confident and willing to drop your well appreciated opinion on the matter if you find the effort is worth your time.

Btw, as I've promised to everyone else. In your case, I'm already following you since long time ago. Now I hope you can live with the consequences. LoL

Cheers!! :)

Kind of an "Up To Date" #posh late Tweet... };)

My .stem account has trailed my main account but I'm not sure this fits under STEM. I would go for #ccc :)

Best wishes for 2020!

Don't worry my friend! I'm pretty sure this post fits better under "Science" matters than the Artsy or Creativity ones.
Thanks for your comment and the tokens of your very welcome little trail. :)

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