Show Notes: #STWT 215 - The Davos Elite Plan a New Belt and Road World Disorder

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Show Notes: #STWT 215 - The Davos Elite Plan a New Belt and Road World Disorder


Show Notes:

#STWT Show 215...

Locked and Loaded mateys:

Zoomers cant handle it:

Unban Bitchute twitter:

Ninth Gate review:

Appeal won:

Show art:

Catching up on the news:

Judge rejects Leon Black’s bid to scrub Jeffrey Epstein ties from model’s defamation suit:

Federal judge reduces Ghislaine Maxwell's max sentence by 10 years:

Ruffalo Wings Attack explained:

WEF in Davos...


Davos Eyes wide open:

The NWO in their own words:

We got em:

Not so fast:

Would never work lol:

Schwab speaking at WEF and mentions “a new virus”:

Ms Klaus:

Pfizer ceo promotes WiFi Microchip Pills…

Rebel Zionist Media "runs into" them:

Tru News:

Eat Ze Bugs:


European Defense Force:

Taiwan, China, the BRI...

Kissinger up and batting for Russia.:

We will defend Taiwan:

China and Russian Naval Movement near Taiwan:

Gravitas: How China breached thousands of organizations with one hacking...

China launches 3 communications test satellites to low Earth orbit (video):

China warns US against attempts to dominate outer space:

Mine the moon:

DARPA’s nuclear space propulsion project advances to next phase:

Chinese Space Pirates:

Chinese IP theft:

"The Truth you Seek":

Our Reality:

Tucker Carlson:

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman:

Keemstar the cleaning lady:

E celebs:

Jack Posobiec and Alexander Dugin:

Mike Cernovich:

Jack Posobiec:

Alexander Dugin and Lauren Southern:

Coach wrong pill:

For september:

The Last American Vagabond odd BTC accounts...

TLAV Wallet: 17behMvnhmEF5kR7bZ9wkvSAB1vLowCcaW:

TLAV sent money to:

Which sent money money to:

Ukraine War:

Having served as a PFC under Bush in Afghanistan & CTR in Iraq/Afghanistan, I don't find his "slip" funny in the slightest.:

Russian Councilor to UN:

Ukraine PedoGate:

Corona Chan / Monkey Pox:

Candida Auris:

Navy Seals Say no:

Scientists 'really surprised' after gene-editing experiment unexpectedly turn hamsters into hyper-aggressive bullies:

NTI | Bio, Munich Security Conference - "Event 201" of Monkey Pox...

Gates and the Virus:

NTI changing things:

Stunning. Wuhan Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year:

monkeypox: EU health chiefs tell nations to prepare vaccination:

The #monkeypox outbreak was a planned release of Monkeypox Israel 2018 strain (genbank MN648051 ) targeting social gatherings of gay men, in order to blame "homophobic" Russia.

Monkey Pox Clown World:

Collapse of America into Clown World...


Dog got em:

Theft down:

Bike Theft Dept:

Fair grounds:

Airport Security:

Skater attack:

Knocked out: