Two Different 2020 1oz Silver Australian Shipwrecked Triangle Coins.

1 oz silver Australian shipwrecked zuytdorp and Vergulde Draeck triangle coins.



These are two very shiny detailed coins from the Royal Australian Mint that were a little difficult to take a good picture of. You can see some of the detail in these pictures even though they are not the best. Both of these coins are from 2020 and are both one Australian dollar coins.

There are three years in the shipwrecked series from 2019 to 2021 but I only have the two from 2020. There are also gold versions that are a little different in design and hold a 100 Australian dollar value. All of these coins are in a series remembering century old shipwrecks from Australia.


Year 2020
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .999
Manufacturer Royal Australian Mint
Condition Brilliant Uncirculated
Face Value $1 AUD
Issuing Country Australia
Edge Design Smooth
Series Australian Shipwreck
CoA No
Mintage 20,000
Metal Weight 1 Troy Ounce


Nice! I've always wanted one of those, but so far have yet to get one. Thanks for sharing!

They are very cool looking, You need a magnifying glass to see all the details in them.

Enjoy them!

I wrote an article on the Batavia coin first since it was easier to photograph because it was the Antiqued/Toned version which was easier to get the detail. The Proof I have yet to commnent and explain my impressions of. I found that taking it out of the capsule removes one of the surface reflection variables.
A beautiful coin.

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I don't have any but I do like the look of the antiqued coins and I agree, they are also easier to see the detail and photograph then the proof looking coins.

Dutch ships. Vergulde Draeck means guilded dragon. Zuytdorp means South Village

That's cool, I didn't look up the meanings of the names of the ships.

Those coins are beautiful. I have never seen that shape before.

These triangles have been around for a few years now, they are just not as wide spread as a lot of the other coins.

How cool are these! Love the triangular design and of course the ships. 😊

The triangles are very cool, and with all the detail the ships and everything else looks amazing. They are a little small so it is kind of hard to see all the detail without a magnifying glass.

Your right.. You almost need a magnifying glass. Sometimes I don't notice certain details until I blow up some of the photos I take of the coins.

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