11 Ships-a-Sailing!

Hi Friends!

What a gorgeous Christmas we had out here on the West Coast — My boys were shining!



And me n Mrs. D were pretty happy too!


…check out my GIANT orange parka! It’s waaay oversized and exactly what I wanted — even if I didn’t mention it very much leading up to Christmas — what a girl!!!

And boy o boy did Mrs. D get spoiled this year!

Anyway, there truly is no rest for the wicked, and so I headed out in the Ingot this morn to see what treasure be a lurkin’. And as I found out after mild request, there was exactly what I was looking for —> some ‘49s with only slight primos on theme

Check out my new flotilla —> 11 ships a sailing!


If you have to look twice that’s okay 😜😜


I have oodles and skads of (pre ‘67) Canadian Silver Dollars, but very few of these ☝️ Which are possibly the best of the series — although the BC 58’s are decidedly “skookum.”

Y’arrrr Harrrr!!! Thrown on the ol’ loot pile!

I’m having a dry January, so I’m drinking as much as I can for the next couple days — 😳😜🤩🤪🥸🥶😝🥳🥳🥳

Hope you’re all staying safe and warm and well diversified — or to coin a term — well:

Cheers! from @thedamus


Dam the boys are getting big bro. Looks like fun. Hey Kool-Aid….🤪
You rockin the boat with all that silver…. Nice grabs👍

They’re calling bitcoin the “bright orange lifeboat” — and I am ON BOARD!!!


I don’t own any Bitcoin so I’ll sink….

I love that photo of you with Mrs D. Looking pleased as punch in your new parka. And what a bloody perfect week to get a warm ass coat!

For real D, if I didn’t get the parka I woulda’ been in all 11 hoodies! Lmao

Rock and roll. Looks like a great time! Nice parka, and sweet 49's. Stay excellent dude.

Cheers my man! Hope you had a good one

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Nice looking parka... great color on you!!!
What a happy couple you make, Mr&Mrs @thedamus!
I haven't forgotten the cuff MENE bracelet you got the mrs,
It is way over my price range!!!